10-25-09 - Seattle Election

In case you haven't yet, how to vote :

Initiative 1033 : NO NO NO. These sort of funding freeze measures are super retarded and are the reason why so many local goverments around the country are broke and cutting crucial services.

Referendum 71 : Yes. Domestic partner rights. Meh.

County Executive : Dow Constantine. This one's pretty important. Hutchison is the Sarah Palin of Seattle.

Mayor : meh, I think they're both pretty retarded clowns and don't actually have that much power anyway. I voted McGinn just because Mallahan's entire platform is absolutely nothing but political platitudes and mumbo-jumbo like "we need to make seattle a great place for seniors, and encourage diverse business opportunites". Okay ass-clown, way to be vague and promise nothing, you don't get a vote.

BTW this stupid issue of the Viaduct replacement has dominated local elections recently even though it's already been decided and is basically a foregone conclusion that we're getting a stupid expensive tunnel that will take forever. I think pretty much everyone has the wrong solution on it. The real solution is no tunnel and no fucking raised viaduct either. The whole problem is that the current viaduct is not earth-quake safe and we need to replace it. Well fuck replacing it; just tear it down. We don't need all these freeways and cars. Tear it down, make 1st street and the whole Pike Market area pedestrian-only, and use the money for some public transit. We would have a much better city that way. (it's basically what San Fran did with the Embarcadero after the quake which was a huge success for them).

Attorney : Holmes. I'm pretty meh on this but Carr is so anti-nightlife, all the music venues are very strongly against him.

Most of the council positions I don't know anything about, but I have heard Robert Rosencrantz on the radio a few times and he is pure evil; he's a landlord & real estate investment advisor and basically wants to fuck over everyone but landlords and real estate speculators. So Position 8 vote Mike O'Brien.

These kind of non-partisan council elections are a big problem because the council is what actually has the power in Seattle but voters don't follow who's who. I really think that our democracy would work better if you just voted by party or something. Instead we have "nonpartisan" elections where voters are supposed to inform themselves (lol) and vote based on the issues (lol) as opposed to listening to unrealistic promises or just judging people by their looks and charisma.

BTW I think it's fucking retarded and probably illegal that you have to put a stamp on your damn ballot to mail it in. It should be prepaid.

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castano said...

> I think it's fucking retarded and probably illegal that you have to put a stamp on your damn ballot to mail it in. It should be prepaid.

That's the way it's in Spain. Even now that I'm overseas, when I send my vote over mail I also include a note indicating my address and what it cost me to mail it and I get a check back for that amount.

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