10-16-09 - Computer Complaints

God damn it, it really bugs me that anything still goes through the Firefox downloader; I want "download them all" to completely replace the downloader, but so far as I know it's not possible. Anything you download manually is fine, the problem is so many fucking sites are too smart for their own britches and launch the download for you and then that goes to the standard downloader. If you try to right-click and download it manually you get some fucking php thing instead of the real file. URG.

Christ you gmail spam filter fuckers suck so bad. The constant stream of "Cialis ! Grow your Peener!" emails that were somehow not marked as spam seems to have abated of late, so kudos for that, but instead I'm now getting completely insane false positives, which is much much worse. Just randomly today I thought "hmm let's take a peak in my spam folder" and WTFBBQ there are emails from my grandma and my girlfriend in the spam folder which have absolutely zero characteristics of spam but gmail decided I didn't deserve to receive.

What's worse than the fact that these emails have absolutely no spam similarity in their content is that they are with addresses from whom I have received 100+ emails and not marked any of them as spam and now you decide that you know better than me. WTF that's such an obvious fucking early out "hey this sender address is obviously trusted, just pass it through". Yes yes I know I can manually create my own filters to do that now but I never should've had to go searching around my spam filter for this shit.

So far as I can tell it still completely ignores your personal history of what you mark as spam or don't mark as spam. That's just insane. WTF you should just never ever never have a false positive from an address that you have communicated with many times in the past.

... AND fuck you some more. I just dug through some more and found falsely marked spam from Casey, Sharp, and Hook, all of whom I've had countless emails with and not marked as spam. I also was trying to have a technical discussion about H264 with a guy, and gmail in all its fuckitude randomly spammed about half of his emails !! So I got enough emails through that I thought I was getting replies when in fact I only saw half of them. WTF WTF WTF.

One of the things a good spam filter should have is the ability to show you why it marked a given mail as spam, and let you say "you were wrong about this".

Also, when I clear my spam folder it seems to delete permanently !?

When you remove an item from a project in VC 2005 it tries to fucking delete it from source control !? What crack are you all smoking !?


Tom said...

Visual Studio source control integration is EVIL. I decided one day never to install any source control plugins ever again, and my life is much better for it. When I see other people using them, it makes me sad. Do they really hate themselves that much?

If you use Perforce, use NiftyPerforce, which seems to piss one about a lot less, whilst still giving you the check-out-on-keypress behaviour that's a big timesaver.

For Alien Brain I spent half an hour writing a JScript thing as an external tool for my Tools menu to do something similar, which is probably a generally-applicable solution (e.g., for VSS). It's not very slick, you have to invoke it manually, and you have to set the 'disallow edits of read-only files' option for best results, but it doesn't take long to sort out and it's much better than the alternative.

No more binding roots, no more random hangs, no more incomprehensible messages, no more unexpected source control operations, no more spurious re-imports -- just quick check outs from the IDE. Everything else, you do from the source control tool.

(One disadvantage is that VS removes the binding info from the solution if you load it with no plugins installed. Then when you check it back in, and your colleagues get latest, they get hit with the 'rebind projects' bullshit. To fix this, get your colleagues to uninstall their plugins too so you can remove all the source control info shit from VS -- best solution -- or merge the info back in before you check in. My experience is that this happens often enough to be noteworthy but not so often that it's worth sticking with the plugins over it.)

Anyway, apologies for going on, but if it convinces anybody then it will have been worth it ;)

Sly said...

"whilst still giving you the check-out-on-keypress behaviour": change that to asking you whether you want to check it out ; that's a standard VC++ option in the menus ;)

For the rest, I'm quite happy with the SCC integration, except I removed all "undo checkout" keyboard shortcuts, for having accidentally misused it a couple of times. Otherwise it's fine for checking-out or diff-ing files when one reads them.

My check-ins and undo always go through p4win ; actually that's a must do as we do pear-reviews and we use a custom submit assistant our tool programmer integrated in p4win (to test all altered files by building them on all platforms, to automatically close bug reports, to add information about our tests, if the change is important...)

Pierre Terdiman said...

I'm using Gmail and I used to auto-forward the emails received on the Gmail account to my work account. So far so good.

And then the company died, the work account died, but of course Gmail kept forwarding (I forgot that stuff).

The forwarded emails bounced back, and I started receiving email notifications, from Gmail, on the Gmail account, that the message delivery failed.

Now, you all guessed what happened next. Yes, I found most of those notifications (but not all of them) in the Spam folder.

In other words, Gmail marked its own emails as spam......

cbloom said...

Pierre - lol.

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