10-13-09 - Linkage

Junk from the past two months :

Some music :

That Sound Hosted by Dave Cusick, the best new music. � Blog Archive � That Sound #60 - Psapp, Dimes, Asobi Seksu, +-, Shugo
YouTube - Raphael Saadiq - 100 Yard Dash - groovy new soul
YouTube - Night By Night - Chromeo - new Chromeo is always good
SeattleDNB Mix Archive
Mod Blog � Music For Riding High - just cuz the bicycle race photo is so great
Ctrl_Alt_Dlt on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
23five Live Archive - weird dj sets
Made Like a Tree Podcasts

Some visuals :

Galleries Architecture Abandoned Seattle Flour Mill Fubiz�
YouTube - The Mill - video in that same mill
Wojciech Burkot's Photo Galleries at pbase.com - some random photos with bikes
Yskira, The Skira Yearbook of World Architecture
vintage english bikes - bespoke frame makers ; awesome galleries
YouTube - The fastest human powered bicycle
YouTube - Quite - yes we can - gorgeous demo
YouTube - Performance - bicycle spoof rap video ; pretty awesome
YouTube - Angles morts - someone sent me this
RRE Photography - Ryan's photos
Flickr The Zoneplate Pool
Flickr sinosoidal's Photostream
Creep. - a set on Flickr - great photos of urban decay
CGarchitect.com Architectural 3D Awards - nice
Artforms of Nature � subblue

Some diversion :

_A Trip Inside Your Coffee Pot_ - really awesome detailed coffee brewing history
That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stranger - New York Times - old article about ultra-endurance athlete
Luna Park Seattle History
Life of a Pig - Seattle chef buys pig at birth, photo guide through its life and slaughter
Cheese or Font - so fucking rad - Cheese or Font !
Hideous Belltown - awesome
dschwaz - the title is a link, the post is a picture, fun
Gravel Beach - great blog about PNW beachology
Mountain ranges of the western U.S. - Geography - awesome geography overview of the west
Urban Exploration Resource Forum - US Pacific Northwest
The Physician and Sportsmedicine Knee Pain and Bicycling - good article on bicycle knee pain
The Personal Assistant Thread - something I often considered
REI Half Dome 2 HC Tent at REI.com - awesome tent
Pike Place Market Lunch Crawl - Mouthfuls - these guys ate through every stand in the Pike Market (forum)
Dark Natasha - Adult Gallery - so awesome
nations photo lab - good B&W photo printers
MUTEK News - good electronic music festival in montreal
largehearted boy a music and literature blog
Idle Words 07.2009 - decent blog
Degenerate Art Ensemble - Seattle group, pretty cool
Canon S90 - I'll buy one of these if they ever come out
Calendars - Printfree.com printable monthly, 2009
Brotherhood of b - abandon hope all ye who enter here
Amazon.com Ashley Book of Knots (9780385040259) Clifford Ashley Books - rad
CHDK Wiki - the Canon camera firmware hack thing for old Powershots

Some science :

Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color - about color maps for data visualization
What color is a blackbody - some pixel rgb values
VS .Net 2005, how to disable intellisense...
VR Seattle Blog � Panoramic VR Images of Seattle - boring but useful for environment maps
Visual C++ Team Blog IntelliSense History, Part 1
vision.middlebury.edufloweval - evaluation of optical flow algorithms for computer vision
Theora 1.1 Released Breaking Eggs And Making Omelettes - supposedly new Theora is getting better ?
The Anatomy of Reference Counting � ��Bartosz Milewski�s Programming Cafe
Source Checkout - meshimport - Project Hosting on Google Code
Roundup Recent sketches on concurrency, data design and performance. - macton's posterous
Ranger - Nearest Neighbor Search in Higher Dimensions
PngSuite - the official set of PNG test images - to stress your PNG reader code
Micro-Rendering for Scalable, Parallel Final Gathering
Lost in the Triangles � Blog Archive � Encoding floats to RGBA � the final
Lost in the Triangles � Blog Archive � Compact Normal Storage for small g-buffers
Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH) Home Page
Humus - Textures - Cubemaps - cubemaps are hard to find, here are some
HaukeHeibelGaussianDerivatives - nice images of the Gaussian derivates used in computer vision
Fractal Explorer Pixel Bender Plugin � subblue
Flicker Free Drawing in Windows - how to draw your shit right in Win32, good stuff
EnterTheSingularity Hierarchical Cone Tracing
Diary Of An x264 Developer � Why so many H.264 encoders are bad
Diary of an x264 Developer Test clips
Crytek GmbH Presentations - the new realtime GI stuff
Cris�s Image Analysis Blog � Blog Archive � Gaussian Filtering
codersnotes.com - Ramblings - Graphics - Papers, please - nice collection
CAVE Projects What is a Good Nearest Neighbors Algorithm for Finding Similar Patches in Images
Blob detection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blind source separation and Independent component analysis.
ANN - Approximate Nearest Neighbor Library
Malwarebytes.org - best malware cleaner
A guide and tutorial on using ComboFix - hardcore computer fixer if malwarebytes don't do it


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Wow... "Font vs Cheese" is inspired :)

In return, though you may well have seen it, "Coder vs Cannibal":


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