08-28-09 - Phone Text Problem

I wrote a couple of posts ago about how I was having some mysterious problem with my phone not delivering texts. I've now discovered that the problem is sometimes the texts randomly go into "pending" mode when I hit send. I've discovered no rhyme or reason for this, I just sent about 10 texts this afternoon and later discovered that 2 of them went pending, so I'm sure the person I was texting with was rather confused by my lack of response and then sudden jump ahead in the conversation flow.

Apparently the advised fix ( 1 or 2 ) to this is to yank the battery while the phone is on !? WTF world. Straighten your shit out. (though that doesn't actually deliver your pending texts - you have to forward them to the original recipient still).

I've been stealing my neighbor's wifi for the last week, and I guess they finally wized up and turned on security. Damn it. I was being nice too, only email and a bit of web browsing, no downloads. Of course browsing the web is pretty damn bandwidth heavy these days. There really needs to be a "light" mode of the web that lets you just get text and only crucial pictures, no embedded media, but dear god that would require the web to actually be sane.

Now I have to decide between the fucking awful DSL that's slow and overpriced or the fucking awful ghetto cable Broadstripe that's in bankruptcy and has frequent outages and lack of service people. One of the things I hate the most in life is when I have to make a decision where I know both choices suck absolute balls and I will regret it either way.

It's kind of good not having it. Maybe it will help me break the ctrl-alt-M constant email checking and let me get down to real work. Except I need net to talk to the RAD perforce server.

Both Broadstripe and QWest have outrageous contract deals that make me angry. Broadstripe has a $100 sign up fee, which pisses me off to no end. Broadstripe also requires a 13 month term; that's so obviously intentionally designed to fuck over renters who often have 12 month leases, they know they can get an extra month of free money out of you. QWest has all these crazy complicated pricing models with asterisks upon asterisks. They advertise things "like $19.99 for internet" (*) but that's only with a qualifying phone package (*) (= that costs at least $35/month) and (**) only if you sign up for a 2 year term with big cancellation fees. If you just sign up for month to month with no phone, it's $70/month for the high speed internet.

I'm pro free market and all in theory, but it seems like the consumer and competition would be better served if we had some laws forbidding all these kinds of contracts. If you want to offer a subscription service it has to just be a month to month rate with no conditions.


billyzelsnack said...

Contact your neighbor and offer to pay 1/2 their inet bill. When my new neighbors moved in I just gave them the password to my router. It makes me feel good inside to know that my little bit of good will cost AT&T $50 a month in lost sales.

cbloom said...

Yeah I would be happy to pay 100% of their bill, but I'm not sure who it is exactly, if it's the lady below me or the people beside me. It's kind of weird to go around knocking saying "hello, I've been stealing someone's internet, was it yours?"

I guess it's a way to meet the neighbors!

Jon Olick said...


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