08-25-09 - Linkage

I found a picture of myself on SqueezeChart which is a little bit disturbing. There's way too much representation of the modern Russian/PAQ tweaker crew on there. Personally I think anyone who doesn't release source code or a publication to their compression algorithm should be black listed. If you don't make your method public it may as well not exist.

Performance it's the name of the game. MC Spandx. This video confuses me because I can't figure out if it's making fun of racers or celebrating them.

Gravel Beach is a very cool blog by a beach scientist in the Seattle area. Lots of good pictures and info about beach accretion and geology and whatnot.

We watched Hard Ticket to Hawaii the other day. It's incredibly, it's perfect, it was far better than I ever imagined it could be from the famous clips : 1 or 2 . It's just so mind blowing on so many levels.

While up there at Scarecrow, had a peak at the awesome graffiti on Tubs ; ( more photos ).

Bald Man Watching is a nice blog of Seattle street art. Apparently I just missed "Atroleptic". WTF why do I always find out about things too late !?

A while ago I wrote about how I wanted to invent a backpack that was suspended off your back somehow so that air could get in and you wouldn't sweat so much. Well, guess what, that already exists and has for a while. If you go to any technical backpacking place like REI / Mountain Hardware / etc. you'll see lots of them ( For example ). They're quite awesome. There seem to be two main styles now. One is just a tight mesh that's soft and just held slightly off the backpack body by some pads without a hard frame. The other style is actually a hard frame that fully supports the backpack well off your back, and then has a cloth mesh sprung off the frame that your back rests on. The latter style lets lots of air in. Both seem very awesome for cycling. I haven't yet found the ideal cycling backpack. I would like it to be more variable sized. It should have drawstrings so that you can cinch it up into a tiny little ball when it's empty, but if you relax it all the way out it should be very large just in case you need to carry home a piano on your back.

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