08-18-09 - Tuesday

Broken emails? I've heard some reports that emails weren't getting to me while I was gone. If you sent me an email over the past few days and I didn't reply to it (eg maybe I didn't get it), can you send it again? You can CC "cbloom.cbloom" at google-mail

When I was sitting in the Philadelphia airport I noticed one of those wifi "honey traps" that people talk about. I foolishly took a look at the wifi list to see if there was anything available. The list was something like "attwifi", "strbks", "Free Public Wifi". Hmmm, guess which one is just begging you to use it? The "Free Public Wifi" showed a different icon indicating it's a direct peer to peer link or something, not a broadcast access point.

Ugh. I'm really unhappy with Visual Assist X. All my fears about moving from VS 2003 to 2005 and the pain of having to get on VAX are coming true. Not only is the usability of VAX much worse because of the fucking awful suggestion box that they refuse to fix (you can see my Whole Tomato forum thread about it here in which they make up ridiculous reasons why it "has to be" the way it is; umm, no it doesn't, just make it like VA.NET).

This photo from Vintage Seattle is just proof that in every way people were way more awesome in the past. Nowadays people would be like "whaaa the shop is dirty; whaaa that's a big scary looking dead animal" ; in the past they were just like "pass my sword, bitch, I needa cut me some lamb, then we're gonna fuck and smoke and punch babies".

I did the inspection for my new house today. The owners are total nits about minor damage, which is really fucking annoying. It means I have to be crazy careful about noting all prior damage. And they sprung some crazy bullshit on me. Part of the reason I took the place originally was because the kitchen has these great huge butcher block counter tops. Today during inspection they hand me a lease addendum sheet that includes a bunch of extra conditions for care of the place, one of which is "do not cut or place hot objects on the kitchen counter tops". Umm, WTF !? Do you understand WHY people get butcher block counter tops? It's not because they look pretty and quaint and rustic, it's so you can fucking cook on them and not worry about. They're supposed to get scratched and water-marked and heat-stained, it's part of the charm. I cannot fucking stand people who are anal about keeping their kitchen immaculate. Your stove should have burned-on food, it should have black heat marks, your counters should have food stained grout, it should all be delightfully USED.

Anyhoo, I haven't signed the lease addendum yet. I think I might refuse. In any case, I think I just decided while I was writing this that I'm just gonna ignore those instructions in any case and fucking do whatever I want to the counter tops.

Poker blog from Brian Townsend is a nice read for me. Of all the big online pros, BT (sbrugby/aba) is the one I relate to and respect the most. For reference, he was the superstar of 2007, the first really huge online kid big winner. He won around $6 M in 2007 playing NLHE at the highest level. Then people finally quit playing him in NLHE (and in fact, all of the biggest money NLHE games dried up around that time, because it became too clear that a few amazing players could easily dominate them, and because Guy la Liberte quit playing so much). In 2008 the big money games switched to PLO and BT tried to follow the big money and play PLO at the highest stakes even though he had no expertise in it. He quickly lost around $5 M, mainly to Europeans like Antonius who had PLO experience, but also to Ivey who came on the scene and started dominating everyone. But unlike most of the crazy online kids who just gamble and go through huge swings, BT took his lumps, withdrew his remaining money, and started over again, grinding up PLO from the lowest stakes, learning the game, slowly getting better, moving up levels as he got better, and in 2009 he made it back to the biggest PLO games in the world and won in them again.


Autodidactic Asphyxiation said...

Re: Meat Market

LOL. Samurai Delicatessen?

I like the saw hanging in the background. I wonder if there's a handle on the other side, so they can efficiently slice up larger beasts, lumberjack-style.

cbloom said...

Nah, that's a pretty standard bone saw.


cbloom said...

But yeah, I subscribe to your imagined reality.

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