08-11-09 - Blogs

Hideous Belltown is pretty excellent; definitely in the snarky cbloom / Surly Gourmand vein.

I've been reading through Maciej Ceglowski's Idle Words which is just full of gold. He's got a great post on Paul Graham which leads me to another review :

I fucking despise Paul Graham. He's the Malcolm Gladwell of bloggers. Every time somebody finds out I'm a programmer and I write a blog, they ask if I read Paul Graham like they're letting me in on some secret gold. For some reason this sort of vague trite cutesy anecdote writing is very popular with the semi-intelligent set. These guys tell some little story or make some stretched metaphor, and wind up making a point which is either just wrong, or completely trite and uninteresting. Paul Graham commits the added sin of being one of those fucking dot-com luckboxes who wrote some fucking lisp scripts at the right time and now thinks he has all kinds of business insight because he was successful. There's nothing worse than the condescending "words of wisdom" from some jackass who luckboxed their way into riches, it's like when some awful poker player happens to beat you in a tournament and then wants to talk about their clever strategy of playing super loose and passive in order to see more showdowns.

On a semi-related note, I enjoy reading the page 2 interview in the NYT sunday business section because it is just such amazing comedy gold. Every week they publish an interview with some CEO where they ask them about what management lessons they've learned and their secrets of success and whatnot. Every single seek without fail it's a stream of platitudes of the most ridiculous order. You learn business gems like you should hire good people and make them happy, communicate personally and give them clear direction and strong leadership. Wow! Now I can be a CEO too!

And this just in - sweet jesus, is The Surly Gourmand actually ME in disguise? Maybe so.

Some links :

Sebastien Tellier is ridiculously awesome.

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Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color? ; old article from IBM, very good.

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Ivan-Assen said...

Best Maciej Ceglowski ever: A Rocket to Nowhere:


Aaron said...

Yes, Jack's Tapas cafe is pretty yum, though there are some definite misses on the menu (-1 for consistency, but if you get lucky and get only teh good stuff, +1). Plus they're Taiwanese, so extra yum.

Oh, and the General Tso's wasn't good cuz it's not Taiwanese food. It's just on the menu for stray white folk who walk in.

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