08-07-09 - Frizzle Bizzle

When you buy a giant SUV, you relinquish your right to weave around in traffic and try to cut ahead of people and change lanes abruptly.

VS2005 has this fancy import/export settings thing. Hey, cool, that's nice, I can use it to keep the settings of my various machines in sync. Except that it doesn't work. It doesn't import/export settings for addins. Hey, that would've been pretty easy to support but I'm not surprised, I'll let that slide. It also doesn't import/export the "VC Directories". Hmmm now I'm left wondering what else it doesn't import/export.

I despise that if I even accidentally touch my mouse to a disconnected network share drive, the computer stalls for like a minute.

One of my compact flourescent bulbs burned out. WTF am I supposed to do with this thing? I'm guessing 90% of people just throw it in the trash.

Some damn hobo stole our glass recycling bin. They've been coming for quite a while and taking glass out of it, I'm fine with that, though I wish they'd do it during the day instead of in the middle of the night, because it's quite noisy. But taking the whole damn bin is not cool. Curse you, hobo.

I have a lot of problems with text messages; people claim to have never gotten texts that are definitely filed in my "sent" folder. Texts to and from me appear to have random super-long delays sometimes, like occasionally even hours. For the communication medium that is our new standard, it seems to really fucking suck. Of course it may be partly because of my ten year old phone, but I've observed other people have these same problems.

The grey skies all this week have been a horrible foreshadowing of the winter to come when it will be nothing but grey and sadness all the time.

In college I used to do this thing called the "neverending juice". I would make a pitcher of frozen juice, then when it gone down to 1/4 - 1/8 remaining, I'd put in a new frozen juice thing of a different flavor, then when that got down to 1/4-1/8 I'd add another. Each generation, the flavor would get more complex. I suppose in theory it was mildly food-poisonous, but I never got past 5 generations.

There's this fantasy (often exploited in movies) that you can get over relationship problems by just getting in a big fight and yelling the things you really feel at each other. In reality, that would be a huge disaster, because in my experience at the core of all relationship difficulties are some fundamental core problems that can't be solved, and you just try to pretend they're not there and not talk about it. The actual yelling of truths would be things like "I just don't really enjoy being around you!" or "I think you're only with me because you're broke and I have money!" or "You're getting old and ugly and I'm not attracted to you any more!" or "You're an insecure coward who covers it up by trying to act tough!" or "your complete lack of life outside of me and work makes you boring and needy" or "you make yourself feel smarter by making others feel dumb" or "you're not committing to our relationship because you think you're too good for me", etc. When somebody says something to you that you know about yourself and hate, it doesn't help anything, it makes you feel awful, and you can't actual fix it, because in reality knowing is absolutely no part of the battle.

Being rich means not having to wear underwear with holes and stains. Being rich means always using heavy duty aluminum foil. Being rich means using shear bandaids instead of plastic. Being rich means using brand name kleenex and toilet paper. Oh yeah baby, living large.

I crashed my bike a few days ago, ironically while riding home from physical therapy for my bike crash injuries. When you live in a hipster neighborhood, you have to just commit random ironic acts from time to time. I actually crashed because I was riding along on the side of the road and had my eyes on the cars and ran right into a giant pile of sand. Suddenly my bike was stopped, and I kept going, and then I was on the pavement. I bruised my hip pretty badly, but nothing permanent. It made me realize that I've been riding too considerately; I'm too nice to cars, I endanger my own life by riding way over on the right edge of the road to stay out of their way. The edges of the road are a very dangerous place for a bicycle, because that's where all the detritus of the road is scattered. In Seattle it's particularly bad because we have no fucking goddamn street sweeping, so you get things like giant piles of sand on the side of the road.


James said...

bikelane is a synonym of gutter. I figure as long as cars park in bike lanes i'll take up a whole lane; swirving on and off of the shoulder to avoid hazards is suck.
The most progressive cyclist lobby in austin announced their latest triumph in getting a motion passed to ban car parking in bike lanes by the year 2020.

Sly said...
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Sly said...

A beautiful biker's life in Paris video:

It shows how dangerous and respectfulness it can get.

Sly said...

To make the previous video clearer: see how other vehicles cut in front of the biker ; also see these fat white lines? Cars and motorbikes are supposed to be forbidden on their right (reserved for buses and bikes).

cbloom said...

Yeah I saw that, the mopeds zipping around is something we fortunately don't have.

I always thought the Velib was kind of a nutty thing to do because you're putting a bunch of dumb tourists on bikes in a city that is not really very bike friendly.

Sly said...

Indeed the only way to make the velibs a useful reality in Paris would be:
- get reserved lines for bikes, and get cars the fuck out of there: heavy police supervision required.
- secure the damn bikes, always having the user's bank card (either through subscription or through only card-paid borrows: many velibs ended in Africa, Russia, BMX tracks and the likes...

Actually Montreal's bixi is kind of what velibs should have been :)

cbloom said...

I think pretty much all major city centers should be car free. Especially cities with decent transit. You put parking lots on the outskirts of the car-free zones and people take trains/bikes/buses/cabs/feet into the interior. It lets the interior be very dense and yet still a very pleasant place to live.

Aaron said...

No, don't toss your compact flourescent. Take'em back here. And yeah, of course that's totally ridiculous and no one will actually return them to those places.

I've heard cell text messages are one of the best ways to reliably communicate in a disaster where all the lines are jammed. They say it may take a long time, but they will eventually get through. That said, text messaging is a huge ridiculous hack on the existing cell network. No one really thought it through at all.

Recently Marian and I had this big huge argument fight thing, which we rarely do (on that scale), and all the anger and frustrations and emotions came up and we sorted them out. It was super cathartic and amazing, and we both felt way better after. It's pretty key to avoid any of that relationship-killing talk though. Even when it's true, unless you're done with the relationship, it doesn't help anyone to say it. So either shut it up inside you if that works, or go find a therapist or some drinking buddies. You're girlfriend doesn't need to hear it :)

cbloom said...

I think fights have great value, but more in the stress relief and bonding that comes from fighting and then making up than from anything actually said. I guess there's also a huge relief to getting to say a bunch of things you've been holding in which makes you feel good just to get out. Okay actually my original post is all wrong and there's clearly lots of benefits.

Ginzo said...

why I love your blog:

s reasonable, lucid discussion of relationship problems,

followed by,

"Being rich means not having to wear underwear with holes and stains"

Nino Mojo said...

About the Velib':

I use those everyday and I already can't live without them, so I guess they *are* useful.

Also, you can't rent one witout a credit card, may it be a yearly subscription or a day rent. the think is, some people steal them by simply violenting the fuck out of the thing and breaking the attach.

We DO have bike only lines, but that's the point of the video, often you will find cars blocking the way. Which pisses me beyond reason.

That was a great link Sly, thanks. It gave me an idea: take picture of every god damn infraction I witness, and post all of it weekly on a delationnist blog, with plate numbers. and invite the authorities to help themselves and send tickets. :) That would be kind of a dick thing to do, but fuck it, many drivers in Paris are just dumb fucks who deserve it.

Sly said...

> It gave me an idea: take picture
> of every god damn infraction I
> witness, and post all of it weekly
> on a delationnist blog, with plate
> numbers.
That would probably be illegal in France :)

> and invite the authorities to help
> themselves and send tickets. :)
In most of the cases, such denouncement is not accepted by french police and justice :)

Nino Mojo said...

"In most of the cases, such denouncement is not accepted by french police and justice :)"

That might become legal with our horrible current government...

But yeah, maybe you're right. But they do search and arrest the dummies who post videos of themselves on youtubue dancing in their truck instead of driving or going at 230 Km/h. :)

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