07-30-09 - Night Swimming

The Seattle Heat wave of 2009 is over. It was dog-shaving heat. It was old-people-killing heat. It was delightful, I'm kind of sad. I hadn't yet gotten to do two things I really wanted to do during the heat wave : 1. swim in the Sound - when it's 100 degrees out is the only time it's sactually tolerable to swim in the ocean here, and 2. skinny dip in a lake at night.

I did go swimming in Lake Wash both of the last two nights. Last night when it was 101 here it was a crazy scene, cars were parked all over the sidewalk around the lake because there was nowhere to park. Of course the fucking dickweed cops were out writing parking tickets and alcohol tickets; can't you make an exception for the hottest night ever in Seattle? Tonight it was still warm but not so severe and less of a scene.

It's incredible being out in the lake during sunset. If you swim out a ways, you feel all alone, and you're wrapped in nothing but sky and water. The sky turns orange and pink, and it reflects off the lake in glittery flashes of specular as the chop hits just the right angles. There are incredible views of mountains all around that become black silhouettes. There's a strange way that being out in the lake actually makes me feel closer to all the distant views. Being in the water, you're tossed around by the swells, you're physically connected to the world outside your body. Especially with the water being so warm, it's almost like being in the womb. It breaks down that barrier, that separation that we feel every day from all the things that surround us, like we're a miniature pilot inside our skull and even though our body's hand is touching something, the miniature pilot is still separate from it.

After the sunset, the moon was bright in the sky, and the lights along I-90 stretch out like a string of white christmas lights and reflect in the water. I floated and swam around for a long time.

Back on shore, people smoked and drank and spilled beer and peed in the bushes and grunted and beat each other with sticks and flung poo at each other.

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