07-23-09 - Intolerance

The ultra-liberal idea that we should respect and value everyone and their different beliefs is a load of pussy bullshit. All the condescending more-accepting-than-thou Yoga / New-Age people are really very unaccepting; I want to be impatient, I want to be full of fire and anger, I want to be violent, and they are very rude and intolerant and non-accepting of that. In reality they are accepting of you only if you subscribe to their value system (peace and kindness and whatnot). I think the whole idea of "respecting other people's beliefs" is a load of shit. I have great respect for their *right* to believe a load of crap, but I don't actually respect their beliefs. I think yoginis and christians and muslims and the whole lot of you are fucking crackpots and I totally do not respect your life choices, but I would fight with my life for your right to do what I believe is silly and wrong (EDIT : no I wouldn't; in fact I wouldn't lift a finger if freedoms were denied that didn't affect me personally). I ask that you also respect my right to roll my eyes at you and huff in disgust at your foolishness.

I want to do Yoga but I really can't stand all the "breathe in the energy and feel your pancreas release" nonsense.

Amusingly, the ultra-right-wing Republicans are almost identical to the ultra-right-wing Liberals. When Rush Limbaugh or Toby Keith talk about how we should fight for our "freedom", what they really mean by "freedom" is the right to do things that fit in their own value system. They want the land of the free, where "free" means free to be a good heterosexual christian consumerist semi-racist suburbanite.

It occurred to me that the antipathy between cars and bikes is a lot of the same thing. In both directions, it's a form of bigotry; it's a hate for another group that you stereotype and don't relate to. I hear a lot of people say these things all the time jokingly basically "ha ha I don't like this thing so let me fuck it up" ; it's only being considerate of how your actions affect other people in realms that you personally value. You see this constantly, the guy driving slow in the fast lane because "nobody should want to go faster than I'm going", or the guy who litters cuz he doesn't care about seing litter, etc.

Part of the reason why the streets are so bad for bikes & pedestrians is because democracy fucking blows and the tyranny of the majority. If you take any given street that you want to improve - take for example the 1st Ave / Pike St around the market - that street should obviously be closed to cars and have nice bike lanes and whatnot. But the people who live there and go there are a small minority of the total population - there's a whole mess of drivers who live in the sticks that never go there and all they see is it might remotely badly affect them.

It's sort of odd that Seattle seems to have a shit ton of cyclists, because it's really a horrible horrible place to ride. The weather sucks 8 months out of the year, the roads are full of pot holes, there aren't good shoulders or bike lanes, you can't get out to country roads easily at all, and even when you do they suck. It's just awful in almost every way. And yet there are tons of them.

I'm exhausted today, I really need to get to sleep early, and I'm just dreading the noise the neighbors will be making tonight. I feel like every night when I'm just begging for some sleep, it makes them have a noisy party. I know that this is my own memory-perception-bias ; nights when I'm exhausted but they don't have a party I don't remember, the particularly bad events have a much stronger imprint in my memory so I overweight them in my perceived random sampling. Now, of course I am aware of this, so I can try to correct for it and downweight to reproduce a true sampling, but it's very very hard to correct for you biases. I'm aware of this with all kinds of things, like if you're talking to someone very charismatic and his ideas all sound very good, I'll think to myself "hmm I need to downweight my perception of these ideas to compensate for the charisma factor", but it's almost impossible to find the right amount of compensation.

Girls are very attracted to dreamers and visionaries and people who talk about completely unrealistic utopian ideals, like making the whole city of Seattle pedestrian-only or getting the US on 100% renewable fuels, etc. It's not interesting, it's juvenile. I used to be amused by those inspiring utopian fantasies, but now I have zero tolerance for them. As soon as someone starts talking about something that will absolutely never happen I lose all interest. It's far more interesting to talk about how we might actually improve things in the real world.

Just the mathematics of being single are depressing. You have to flirt with ten girls to get a date with one. You have to go on ten dates to find someone you want to have something long term with. You have to have ten long term relationships to find the one that works. It's unbearable.

Fucking Google Reader. There's no way to jump to the selection of a given blog from the post in the "new items" feed. For example, today Wouter posted this entry "Freedom of Information" where he says he won't be putting out his ideas for free. In anger, I want to unsubscribe from his blog feed. I CAN'T FUCKING DO IT FROM THE NEW ITEMS AREA. I have to go find that blog in the list of subscriptions, click on it by hand to select it, then unsub. Stupid.

I'll do you like a truck is awesome. I think it must be a joke (?). I found it by randomly watching techno videos with hot chicks in them, which is a rather amusing way to pass the time. (The song Day 'n Night has been by guilty pleasure for a little while now).

Roads NW is a pretty awesome sight for nice roads roads to drive in the PNW ; it's aimed at motos but I can abuse it to find driving or biking roads.


Wouter Lindenhof said...

Anyone one is free to unsubscribe. The ideas that I won't mention are ones that to do with the business side. If you think I should put my ideal of freedom of information above licensing and thereby doom my business, than I'm more than happy to disagree with you. :)

MH said...

Mitchell & Webb S03E0x is the cure; of something.

vurlix said...

Concerning Google Reader: beneath each news item's title, there is a link to its feed. Click on that. Once there just pick ‘Unsubscribe’ from the dropdown box near the top.

cbloom said...

"Concerning Google Reader: beneath each news item's title, there is a link to its feed. Click on that. Once there just pick ‘Unsubscribe’ from the dropdown box near the top."

You're my hero.

Maybe you all can solve another web UI thing that I think is ridiculously bad :

eBay seems to have no way to mark items to ignore. If I do the same search day after day trying to find something, I have to keep looking at all the same items over and over again.

Any kind of decent product search web site should have a "hide from me in the future" button. Ideally they would also have a "make notes" where you can write notes on the item to yourself inline on the page and have them saved (stuff like "I spot rust on inside of chainstay").

cbloom said...

" Mitchell & Webb S03E0x is the cure; of something."

E1-6 is on piratebay now.

NULL_PTR said...

"I totally do not respect your life choices, but I would fight with my life for your right to do what I believe is silly and wrong."
I've been seeing this line too often lately, and I must say that it's the same load of shit as the idea of "respecting other people's beliefs" that you're disapproving.

cbloom said...

"I've been seeing this line too often lately, and I must say that it's the same load of shit as the idea of "respecting other people's beliefs" that you're disapproving."

Yes, of course you are correct. What I actually mean is

"I would vote for your right to do things I don't agree with, but in fact I would not go far out of my way to support it at all".

In fact what I originally wrote is quite absurd. I don't fight to save the lives of Tamils being murdered by Sinhalese, I'm not gonna fight for the right of wacko southerners to believe that god hates dancing.

Aaron said...

I'll do you like a truck... nice find.

Regarding Yoga... I think you can find shops that are less preachy. I liked 'hot yoga' in laurelhurst. You'll be sweating and suffering too much to to care that someone mumbles namaste at the end :) Plus you know it's gonna be good when their faq pages ays: "Is it normal to feel sick, dizzy, and nauseous in class?"

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