07-19-09 - Summer !

Peaches and tomatos are here at the farmer's markets; hallelujah. There's this stand at the Broadway farmer's market (usually set up right near the corner of the L) that's a family farm, and the stand is staffed by the farmer's three teenage daughters. They're all crazy skinny and have ginormous boobs, like cantaloupes; it's actually kind of freakish, it's almost so inhuman as to be unattractive (but not quite). It makes me imagine rolling in the hay in the barn, the farmer with a shotgun, and the Seinfeld where Newman flees into the corn. Also, quite fittingly, they sell the most dependably ripe juicy peaches I've ever found. It's funny, those hoity-toity stands that have big signs saying "don't squeeze the peaches" and have each peach individually supported in its own plastic cup - those tend to suck. This place has the peaches just all tossed together in a box and they're soft and fresh picked and super wet and sweet - and cheap. They also have some superb sweet-tart cherries that are great for pies or preserves or I even like them just to eat.

I'm sort of dismissive of fancy tomato or peach varietals because the dominating factor by far is ripeness and freshness. It really doesn't matter if you have a Mackinaw Peach or a fucking Amish Cherokee Brandypaste Tomato, if they weren't picked that morning at the peak of ripeness, they're fucking garbage. I'll take an Early Girl tomato and a standard yellow peach that are optimally ripe and soft.

Yesterday I biked down to Green Lake, had a swim and biked back. It was quite delightful, not too far, the bike back up to cap hill is a little tough but doable (I wish the hill was the opposite way though, it would be so much sweeter to bike up hill and get to jump in the lake to cool off and then have a downhill to get home). Ravenna Ave is really nice to bike on, it has a big bike lane, and it's a wide European-style "grand boulevard" with trees all down the middle. The Eastlake Ave area under I5 is pretty neat, you can see the ship channel, and the underside of the I5 bridge is cool. It was here that I saw something unbelievable :

First, for background, Seattle drivers and pedestrians are all ridiculously slow and passive and retarded. For example there are a ton of people who think they are "nice" at stop signs. I'll pull up to a 4 way stop, and there's someone there who got there like an hour before me (way before me), and I pull up and they don't go; I glare at them, they wave at me to go. YARG BLURG don't fucking wave at me it's your turn, just fucking go! You're not being nice, you're being a dumb dick. The pedestrians here are super passive and people inexplicably don't J-walk. It's so bizarre and disconcerting coming from anywhere else in the world, I'll see pedestrians just standing at a corner, with not a single car anywhere in sight, and they just stand there and wait for the light to change. WTF. It's especially bizarre like late at night and such when the streets are deserted and people still stand and wait at the corner.

Ok, so I'm going over Eastlake Ave to cross the bridge over the shipping channel and the drawbridge is up to let some big boats through. So I pull my bike over into some shade and get off it to wait. It's taking a long time, I'm just chilling. Now, the traffic light right in front of the bridge is of course red and will stay red the entire time the drawbridge is up. This at Fuhrman Ave E. Then I notice, there's a girl standing at the corner on the bridge side of the street waiting to cross. I look at her; I'm kind of confused. I continue to sit and wait. She stands there at the crosswalk waiting on the bridge side of the street. The light is still red - it won't go green until the bridge goes down. She's just staring at the walk/don't walk sign, which continues to say "don't walk". Note there is absolutely zero cross traffic, there is a big line of cars building up on Eastlake waiting for the bridge. Finally - 5 or 10 minutes later the bridge comes down and the light changes and then she crosses. WHOAH ZOMG. My mind is continually blown here. I think it would have been appropriate if the cop who gave me a ticket for proper merging to show up and give her a ticket for not j-walking.

In other news : fucking hell, cap hill needs a casual tapas place or a cafe with a nice patio or something. The evenings are so long and lovely here and I'd like to go sit somewhere pleasant and have some tasty savory snacks and delicious drinks, but there's just nothing.

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