07-18-09 - Alcohol is Poison

I quit drinking about two months ago; I've had a few sips out at restaurants but basically haven't had a drop at home. I just decided to stop for a while and see how it went. It's amazing, it's better than I ever imagined; my body feels energetic and healthy all the time. I sleep better, have more hours of the day when I'm thinking clearly, am generally happier. I guess that's all obvious, but the amazing clear feeling in my head all the time was unexpected.

There have also been some surprising benefits. I'm flossing for the first time in my life. I'm actually doing dishes every day (which would amaze people who have seen my past dish-doing habits). These basically come from the fact that I now have the long horribly long boring empty night time to fill with random activity.

One thing I've always noticed is the massive gulf in productive life activity between nerdy ADD people who don't drink and "normal" people ; you ask the nerd what he's been up to last week and it's "learned to play the harpsichord and composed a sonata, created a board game and had the pieces CNC cut, built my own submarine" , you ask the normal person what they've been up to "oh, you know, hanging out, having some beers". Mmmm, good for you.

The other big thing affecting me is that it's so much easier to be fit and healthy and happy when you're single. I always get out of shape when I get into a serious relationship. It's not that I got my goal and don't want to work out anymore, it's just that there's no time. You spend all your free time hanging out, and you do a lot of things in relationships like drinking and eating out and such that really mess up the body. When I'm single I can do weird stuff like just eat at all kinds of odd hours when my body tells me it needs food, or eat around a workout. Like I might intentionally eat dinner at 5 PM so that when I got off work at 7:30 I'm all digested and can work out then. The whole "having dinner with your mate" thing is really tough for fitness.

If you're trying to rehab an injury or make a big shift in your fitness, I highly recommend cutting out alcohol. It dehydrates muscles, decreases anabolism, hurts your sleep. It's also just a lot of empty calories, so it's an easy way to decrease your caloric intake without hurting your nutrition. It also leads to a lot of secondary bad behavior, such as over-eating, late night eating, etc.

Random : The Firefox spell corrector wants me to spell "judgement" as "judgment" . WTF ? Apparently "judgement" is British English and "judgment" is American English. "judgment" is so wrong ; that "dgm" is so ugly.

The coppa from Armandino's Salumi is fucking fantabulous. (thanks!)

I biked the Juanita hill the other day; it's not a bad climb actually, it's a good mild difficulty overall, but nowhere too steep for my double. The only shitty thing about it is all the fast traffic, and there are a lot of big branches in the shoulder from all the trees around, so it's very dangerous to take the descent fast. Some commuter guy just destroyed me up the climb; I stuck to him for about a half mile, but I can't compete with someone who does it every day.

Also, if you want to see an indictment of modern American society, just go to Kirkland on a summer Friday night. It's a bizarre confluence of all the worst dregs of America - there are hordes of cackling suburban soccer moms, spoiled 16 year old girls trying to park their Range Rover head first in tiny parking spots, frat boys, investment bankers, and wanna-be ghetto playas cruising around in dropped escalades with chrome spinnas. It's really quite a shocking scene to behold. It's kind of strange that both the rich trash and the poor trash seem to be attracted to Kirkland on a warm summer eve. It's like they can all smell the common pheromones of empty skulls and rotten souls and are drawn together by it.


billyzelsnack said...

I find it especially amusing when the Escalade retards cruise the Starbucks to holla at the Microsoft Stepford wives.

Sam said...

I can't understand all the people who go out every Friday and Saturday night for drinks etc. I barely have enough time to do everything that I want as it is!

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