07-16-09 - Thursday Randoms

It occurs to me that eBay has no way of preventing you from colluding on auctions, having a friend come in and bid with your money to kick up your price. Yeah if you did it over and over many many times with the same people they would pick up on it, but as long as you change accounts or just don't do it a ton they can't stop it.

When I toured the house I'm looking to rent, it had the previous tenant's posessions; it was full of the dishevlement of family life, child's toys. It was lovely. I want that so bad. A single person's home is never pleasantly cluttered, it's either spare or just messy.

I think Facebook is a disgusting waste of time, it's social masturbation, electronic gossip, and since nobody interesting has ever written anything of any use on Facebook, I have no reason to read it. However, I am very glad that Facebook exists, because it voluntarily sequesters the retards into their own corner of the internet that I never have to see. It's kind of amazing and wonderful how people do that to themselves; for example in life you see people with tribal arm bands, or pleated pants, or huge metal plugs through their nostrils - of course they're awful things to do to yourself and look ridiculous, but it's wonderful that the retards choose to do those things, because it instantly and overtly labels them so that you can easily just avoid them.

God damn I hate synthetic fabric. I went to buy a new comforter at JC Penney since I've had the same one since high school. 90% of them are some awful shiny crinkly weird feeling synthetic bullshit. I want to only touch cotton and wool and wood and flesh. I want to only smell dirt and coffee and sweat and grass.

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