07-10-09 - Friday Rambles

ZOMG the traffic here has reached whole new levels of clusterfuck since the I-90 bridge is closed for repairs. I worked at home the last two days to avoid it, but decided to come in today for a change of scenery and am seriously regretting it. (ADDENDUM : ZOMG I just looked again, I'm gonna be here until midnight, sigh sigh sigh).

One of my problems with working at the office is that I always seem to forget something that I want/need at home or vice-versa. When I went home I accidentally left some papers I wanted to read here. Today I forgot to bring in my swim suit so I could swim over lunch. URG. The bigger problem is I just feel like I can't relax at all ever the entire day at work. When I'm home I'll work intensely for a few hours, then just take a break and really relax, have some food, watch TV, take a walk, then get back into it. I can take breaks at work, but they're not relaxing breaks, I never unclench. I get a burst of productivity in the morning, but then I'm drained and I never refuel and the afternoon is just a waste of staring at the code and poking at the keyboard and nothing really happening.

The Nissan salesman isn't returning my calls & emails. WTF WTF. I want to boycott all you fuckers who try so hard not to sell me things, but then I would just boycott everything.

Sea Breeze Farm sells at Seattle Farmer's markets and seems to have some amazing pork products. More investigation is needed.

Burning Beast is this weekend at the Smoke Farm. here's a video . Meh it looks a bit lame but I do like the idea of a big food festival on an old farm.

So I might have found the house to rent here . It's not in exactly the spot I want, but it's not bad (0.6 mi to the action). I'm putting down an application anyway. It's pretty great (the kitchen is fantastic - big butcher block counters, gas stove, lots of light) and it has a porch; I want to drink iced tea and say "I say I say" on my porch. Some of the neighboring houses look a little sketchy, like they might have students in them, which is worrisome, but it's hard to ever know what your neighbors will be like. (I'm vaguely considering going and knocking on the door to talk to the current resident and ask them what the neighbors are like).

Anyway, this rental experience has got me mildly outraged. First of all the realtor was half an hour late to our appointment to see the place. I'm no longer shocked at sales people's ridiculous absurd lack of professionalism and courtesy to clients. Okay, let's move on.

The thing that's really absurd is the owners might need to move back in. Apparently they work for MSFT overseas and might get summoned back here. They find out on August 15, but they are trying to get someone to take a lease that starts August 1. WTF WTF that's just absurdly greedy and dickish. How could you not just wait to lease it until August 15 !? In order to avoid losing 2 weeks, maybe a month of rent, you want someone to move in and then perhaps immediately move out again. That's just so selfish and unreasonable. So I'm putting an application in, but I'll have to talk to them about this moving back issue and be a total dick about it and get something in writing. (though I'm not sure if anything even in writing protects me - I think in WA homeowners have unconditional right of return to evict tenants and move back in)

In other news : Amazon wins. That's it, any doubt about who would win the internet shopping wars, or whether Amazon adds value as an entry point is over for me. Every other shopping web site I've used is just so absurdly broken, I refuse to use anything else. Cambria Bike has been really slow shipping me stuff and their site is so slow and their web forms and account management are so fucking janky, it's infuriating. It's so much better to just buy bike stuff from merchants that sell through Amazon. Even people who have their whole own online store I'd rather go through their Amazon store (LL Bean for example - I like their pajamas cuz you can get tall sizes, and they're actually pure cotton instead of fucking douche-atrine neo-polymer-crinkle-stretch-shine-azin). Which brings me to another rant :

I HATE CAPTCHAS !! OMG I hate that that fucking dumb douchebag got a god damn Genius grant for the dumbest fucking most obvious god damn idea in the fucking universe. I seem to spend half my damn time typing in catchas now because I have a lot of trouble reading them myself, and I'm never sure if the damn page needs me to capitalize correctly or not. I hate "recaptchas" even more because the scanned words are often super illegible. The worst thing is that I would say 90% of pages that use captchas are horrifically fucking broken. I type in some fucking annoying web form, and then there's a damn captcha to submit, and of course I fuck something up in the captcha, AND IT CLEARS THE DAMN WEB FORM !! ZOMG ! Oh it's so angering. Fuck you captcha guy, you should get the MacArthur Knee to the Groin Award.

On that note - YARG the fucking "confirm your email address" box is so tilting. Hello, I fucking copy-paste to fill it in (oh, which reminds me, I have found a few sites that make the confirm box with a flash widgets and forbid copy-pasting in it; that's really fucking dickish). The worst thing is just like captchas, so many damn sites will just wipe out your whole form if you hit "submit" and you left the "confirm your email address" box blank.

I finally got out biking yesterday; it had been over a week due to my mom being here and then a spell of shitty weather. I had a little spell of depression again, and desperately needed my visit to the 30 mile psychiatrist. There's this wonderful metaphorical doctor in my body who literally pumps liquid happiness into my veins around mile 30. If I don't see him regularly it's like going cold turkey off Prozac and it's not a good scene. I've never found any other activity that so reliably gives me relief from my congenital gloom.

On the minus side, the fucking awful pot holed roads here are literally destroying my beloved expensive bike. My head set is grinding a bit now, presumably because the bearings are getting damaged, and I've got a ding in front rim. Fuck. I was thinking of just driving to Mercer Island to just ride there, but of course you can't do that now with the 90 closed. Blurg. Also, a lot of the worst pot holes are of course on the right edge of the road where the bike is supposed to be, so I get the unpleasant choice of swerving out into traffic to avoid the pot hole or slamming into it. (sadly cars generally only give you enough room for the size of your bike, which completely traps you into a straight line, and is really not enough room; you need a few feet to be able to swerve to avoid road obstacles). That's literally the scenario that made me crash and separate my shoulder back in SF (wiping out on a pot hole because I couldn't avoid it due to cars all around).

Seattle in the summer is glorious.


Aaron said...

Newegg is better than Amazon for computery junk and some electronics/cam accessories.

You can get goat meat too (at U district market at least). It's frickin good! Totally different from Lamb, pretty surprising.

House looks pretty sweet. You know about king country parcel viewer, right (auto-scrolls to the bottom for some reason)? Kinda handy sometimes.

Aaron said...

Oh, and the traffic was made even worse this evening by the fact that they had the montlake bridge up repeatedly during rush hour (backing up onto the highway) to let barges through for the 90 fix. Wtf. that's what NIGHT TIME is for. This area actually works super hard to make construction not screw with people, and there's generally really good info online about what's gonna be screwed and when, but this seems to have slipped though.

cbloom said...

Yeah they do generally do a pretty good job of the night time construction here.

Also, since Seattle is ridiculously small the traffic was gone by 8 PM, so it's not like it's that bad. If a bridge was closed in SF or NY it would be a traffic nightmare until midnight.

Yeah, okay, Newegg is good.

billyzelsnack said...

Find yourself a girlfriend ( maybe a second? ) that lives over by the water in Kirkland. You could take a nice walk over to her house in the middle of the day for sex and a nap. Yeah. That could work. Extra points if her husband works at MS.

cbloom said...

"Extra points if her husband works at MS."

Why? Just because you want to stick it to MS? (as it were)

There are a ton of MILFs around Kirkland. A daytime treat would be pretty ideal rejuvenation, and very good for my productivity. Maybe Rad can set it up for me.

cbloom said...

Oh wow, they actually opened the 520 drawbridge yesterday -


I missed that by pure luck, I came home around 8:30 and it supposedly opened around 9:00

Sam said...

God I hate captcha too. I can never read it! It's fucking annoying! They put all these random lines over the text, and/or it's all wavy and crap, and you can't tell sometimes if it's a 'one' or an 'i'. Argh!

cbloom said...

Yeah "l" vs "1" vs "i" (that's an ell and a one and an eye) fucks me all the time.

Aaron said...

Pretty sweet project update page as usual. Often good flickr junk of the projects. This page links to a youtube of them lowering the replacement joints into place. I'll have to eat my hat on the nighttime thing. Looks like they're working around the clock.

Yeah you got lucky w/bridge opening. I wish I could enter the exact route I take and have wsdot it email me when something happens that'll impact my commute.

cbloom said...

I biked over the 90 today right by the work. It's pretty cool that they kept the bike path open with some crazy wood scaffolding to run the path around the joint. You can bike right by and check out what they're doing and all the huge barges. Good fun.

Nino Mojo said...

I use facebook, but I refuse to "confirm" my account (which involves giving them my cell number so no way). Therefore, I have to go throught captcha hell each time I want to nvite someone to join my network. The first day I used it, I invited like 10 people to connect, and after 5 or 6 or them, the captchas became ridiculously hard and long like "0,;-55110011,&,&; SUPerB"
as to bore me into "confirming" the account. Horrible. HORRIBLE.

Nino Mojo said...

I use facebook, but I refuse to "confirm" my account (which involves giving them my cell number so no way). Therefore, I have to go throught captcha hell each time I want to nvite someone to join my network. The first day I used it, I invited like 10 people to connect, and after 5 or 6 or them, the captchas became ridiculously hard and long like "0,;-55110011,&,&; SUPerB"
as to bore me into "confirming" the account. Horrible. HORRIBLE.

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