07-04-09 - Faux Pas

There are quite a few people around me who have extremely unpleasant personal comportment ticks. Little sounds they make, or something they do while eating, or some minor habit of the way they do ordinary things. This is an example I made up to specifically not be a real one of someone around me : something like slurping loudly every time they sip a liquid, even just water or anything.

It's not a huge deal, but it's really grating and sort of gross, and it's also frequent so that every time they do it I think "urg, should I say something? no, if I do they'll just think I'm a jerk and won't actually see that it's a really abnormal and bad habit that they have". Nobody ever actually wants you to tell you anything real about themselves; even if they are grateful that they learn it, they will still hate the messenger.

It makes me wonder/worry about what kind of disgusting habits I have that I don't know about because noone tells me.

I've always wanted to invent a backpack that didn't make your back sweaty, but it's rather a difficult issue. You certainly could have a mesh box frame between your back and the pack to let air through; that would also give you a more consistent padded layer. Basically something like a whole bunch of little semi-soft whiffle balls.

The other thing I really want is a better ice pack. Those big block ice packs are really worthless. The ideal one would be just like frozen peas. I think this is quite easy and practical, you just make bunch of small plastic spheres and fill them with that ice pack blue liquid stuff, and put it all in a bag together.

The idea of not going in the sun because you're afraid of skin cancer is very bizarre to me. Being alive is better than not being alive, but not by a big margin, so the idea of giving up something that you really love to slightly extend your expected lifetime just seems like a huge -EV play. The only way living is worth doing is to try to maximize your pleasure, and if you die early, no biggie.

My new doctor basically told me the same thing about my shoulder. He said don't baby it, just go ahead and do whatever you want on it, push it, play sports, lift weights whatever. Yes, eventually it will probably become arthritic and need surgery, but you may as well push it until then. If you baby it, you might delay or avoid surgery, but then you're missing all those years of really using it, so what's the point of babying it? What are you saving it for?

I feel like some people think that life has some huge treat in store for them at some mysterious juncture in the future, so they need to keep their bodies alive and save money and be there for this magic stroke of luck. Well, I got news for you - it doesn't get better, there's no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there is no god, no afterlife, no prince charming.

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castano said...

> I've always wanted to invent a backpack that didn't make your back sweaty

A friend of mine came up with a neat idea: He used a hydration pack and filled it with ice before the hike. After a 6-hour hike it was still cold! On the negative size, his back was freezing at the beginning of the hike.

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