07-03-09 - Hot summer nights

I just discovered that my wifi works from the stoop outside my apartment, which is quite delightful. It's a glorious long hot summer night. Perfect for biking around the city with your new lover, lying in the grass laughing, swinging in the playground, sipping drinks on a patio, getting covered in the smell of grass and sweat and sweet summer flowers.

I adore the heat, but it does make my productivity go down immensely. I just can't work in heat. I'd love to have a house that's super open, like maybe traditional Japanese style where the house is basically just a wooden platform and you have sliding rice paper screens, or even like a deluxe Arabian prince's tent, where you have pillars at the corners and cloth on the sides that you can roll up if you want (and just piles of pillows on the ground to lay in with your harem).

I thought about writing a big rant about cars and bikes and pedestrians, but I got halfway done and deleted it. In the end, it comes down to one question to me : would you rather live in a world where it is a pleasant and relaxing experience to be a pedestrian or a cyclist, or would you rather live in a world where people in cars reach their destination a minute or two sooner ? To me the answer to that question is abundantly clear, and anyone who makes the world less like the way I want it to be is my enemy.

In fact, I don't think it's a matter of "taste" or "preference" or anything. These are copouts that people who are wrong use to justify doing the thing they know is wrong. If you prefer your steak well done, you are just wrong. Now, that's fine with me, if you want to be wrong, you are free to choose the stupid choice. In fact I respect and like people who are self confident and knowingly and unashamedly choose things that are not "proper". However, don't pretend that both ways have equal value and it's just a matter of different "opinions".

I just saw the play "Orange Flower Water" ; it was pretty good, I generally don't like plays, but I do enjoy them under a few conditions - 1. the play must have no "whimsy" or "pizzaz" or men in drag or madcap mixups. 2. it must be a very small intimate theater, not a big production, I want the performances almost in my lap (but not ever actually in the audience), 3. it must be very short. This was 70 minutes which is about perfect. My review of the play : a bit trite and predictable, but the immediacy of the human performances helped make it real; the ending is very cheesy and should be cut; the staging here in Seattle was very good, minimal and clever; two of the actors here were great, one was very poor. (an amusing note : one of them was the voice of Cortana).

Anyway, what I wanted to rant about is "Q&A Sessions". At OFW the playwright was in the audience this night only and did Q&A after. Oh my god I hate Q&A sessions so much. (I would have just left, but it was such a tiny space it would've been very awkward, and I was with my Mom who I think wanted to stay for it). First of all, the main reason I hate Q&A sessions is that I just generally hate knowing the writer's or director's opinions of their own work. I saw the work - the work is its own explanation. There's an awesome quote from David Lynch, maybe someone can find me the exact words, someone asks him to explain a certain scene and he says "the thought that was I trying to express in that moment is what you see, the movie is my way of communicating the idea, I cannot say anything to you that was not said better in the movie itself" , which I love.

After a play or a good movie I'm digesting all my own feelings and reactions and I kind of just want to have private time to think about it, or maybe talk about it with one other sympatico soul. I don't want the writer putting the "official" way of thinking about it on me. And I hate when people know all kinds of things about movies or books that aren't in the material, like "oh the writer actually wrote this about his first marriage and his wife cheated on him" , fuck I don't care about the writer's real life backstory or who these characters really are, all it does is color my appreciation of the work in a negative way and distracts from the art. Leave the work alone.

Even without that aspects, Q&A sessions are balls. This guy doing the answering was actually really awesome, he has a quality that I much respect and admire, which is he could take really shitty questions and turn them into good answers. Dumb annoying nitty nerdy people will take stupid questions and just answer them completely factually and directly, which gives you dumb answers. That's not what the questioner wanted. As the question answerer, you have to ask yourself not "what did they say" but "what did they want to say" and "what do they want me to reply". Often you can guess what they might have been getting at (or *should* have been getting at) even if they failed to express it in their question.

But the problem is the people who ask the questions are the most annoying attention-hungry tards of all. We literally had people who would raise their hand and then say "I don't have a question but a comment .." and then proceed to give their own opinion about the play. What? Who the fuck are you? I don't want your opinion! It reminded me painfully of college where the only people to ever raise their hands are the fucking "is this on the test" people or the fucking "this is like what happened to me when I went to Cabo last year and ...".

Baguette Box is really damn good, but I wish they didn't "reimagine" the Banh Mi quite so imaginatively. Banh Mis are fucking great, most of the ways you've changed it are bad. Give me my pickled veg and chillis! And take the cilantro off the fucking stalk, it's inedible like that.

The frozen indian chickpeas at Trader Joes are the fucking bomb. It might be the best frozen food I've ever had. (I've always been a big fan of their pot pie).

The life of my laptop battery has been steadily declining over the years. It only lasts about an hour now. I guess I could replace it, but it's probably a better idea to just get a new laptop.

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Sam said...

I don't have the source of that David Lynch quote but I have heard him say similar things before. I think it was in relation to Eraserhead and what the baby means or something. He pretty much said that he didn't want to explain anything about it because it means something to him, but will mean something different to other people. If he just tells people what to think then it ruins it.

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