07-02-09 - Stores are Dicks

I'm fucking trying to give you my money, why are you being such a dick to me?

Larry wrote about some Amazon spam yesterday. He writes about the bit that says "don't contact us" claiming that it's a spammers trick. He is wrong about that. In fact that text is quite common from web sites now. For example I just bought some stuff from Cambria Bike and they send me this with the order confirmation email :

Please Note: There is no need to re-send your request or call our customer
service department for status or tracking number, this will only delay our
response time to you. Rest assured, we are making every effort to process
and ship your order within 1 to 2 business days. We appreciate your
understanding and patience and do value your business.

Look, I know you don't want people pestering you over and over after they put in an order, but this "don't contact us, it will delay our response time to you" is fucking bullshit and is just being a dick.

I was trying to buy my gear from Performance Bike, but their fucking online order system is broken. After spending like 30 minutes picking out all my gear and setting up my cart, I try to check out and the order system eats its own ass. So I email customer support :

I'm trying to check out and it tells me this -

"An unexpected error occurred while validating the submitted address."

Can I submit my cart by email and then phone in payment information so I don't have to
do everything over the phone?

This is my cart :

[... many items copy pasted ...]

Their reply :

Dear Mr. Bloom,

We are aware of the problem and are working to correct this. You may
call us at 1-800-727-2453 to place an order by phone. I apologize for
the inconvenience.

Umm, okay, so THAT'S A FUCKING NO. Just say "no, we are not going to try to help you with what you want at all, you can either suck our dicks or go shop elsewhere". Okay, I shop elsewhere.

This is a paraphrase of one my comcast chats :

[I've been having connection drop outs for a long time and keep contacting them about it over and over]

me: okay, it's getting really annoying having to call through the main number every time I have to talk to tech support, can I please have a direct number for tech support?

comcast: yes sir, the number is 1-800-266-2278

me : umm, no, that's 1-800-comcast , that's just the main number

comcast : yes sir

me : that's not a direct number for tech support, will you give me a direct number?

comcast : that is the number for tech support

me : are you refusing to give me a direct number for tech support ?

comcast : no sir, I did you give you the number


I would actually much prefer it they would just say "No we don't give out the direct number because we don't trust our customers".

(on the plus side I do seem to have working interent now, so that part's good).

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