06-30-09 - Yaaaarg

Still no internet at home and Comcast has remotely rebooted my modem three more times. They've used up all the minutes on my pay-go phone so I also have no phone. Now I have to wait around at home for a technician to come again.

I'm going from being on hold with Comcast and navigating the infuriating automated menu (and my usual trick of just slamming on buttons to get to an operator doesn't work in their system), to sitting tense at home as upstairs neighbor stomps around on my head, to disputing health care bills or going to another fucking doctor or PT appointment, to commuting in the goddamn fucking traffic. I want to scream and/or punch someone. I am a ball of sadness and rage.

I've been a total dick to the people I talk to at Comcast; I don't mean to be, but the fucking automated menu system is so fucking awful, I'm in a complete rage by the time I get through to someone. Some of the amusing things it's done :

Navigate through the menus to the choice for "problems with internet". I finally get there and it just plays a recording "for customer support please dial XXXX" and hangs up. Of course that number was the one I had dialed. Yum.

When you actually get through to the right place for problems it plays a recording "most problems can be solved by rebooting your modem, we will do so now, then play music for 30 seconds while it powers up" WHAT !? NO !? STOP!! And you can't hit any buttons to escape out of that - and in fact if you mash on buttons trying to get past it, one of the buttons apparently is "please reboot me again" and it starts over that cycle.

I remember back in SLO when I had a similar kind of problem with my cable modem, it took like a week of talking to frustrating morons before I finally got escalated to a "stage 2 technician" (or was it a third stage guild navigator?) and then it was fixed in one day. In SLO it turns out the problem was that some backbone IP conflict that was spoofing my cable modem's public address (or something, I don't really know shit about the net). The point is that it had nothing to do with the wires and wasn't anything anybody needed to come to my house for. All it took was an actual computer guy to look into the cable-side networking problem.

(ADDENDUM : someone from that "comcast cares" email address mailed me back within about 6 hours. I have a technician coming out today theoretically so we'll see what they say; of course the connection has been fine so far today. Everyone I've actually gotten to talk to at Comcast has been pretty nice and reasonable, it's just so aggravating how hard it is to get through the system to talk to someone).

On the phone with HealthNet you get 60 seconds of "you can also view your claims and benefits online" FUCK YOU I KNOW THAT. Fortunately with HealthNet the system of frantically mashing buttons does get you through to a human.

HealthNet has been really horrible, I recommend against them as I recommend against Comcast. They have a policy of approving providers for PPO on an individual basis, which means when you go into an office which is "in network" you have to check every single individual person. Somehow over and over I keep getting treated by the one person in an office who's not "preferred". I'm not sure if the fucking providers are doing this on purpose (MTI and Olympic PT, you fuckers), or if it's just bad luck. It is a financial boon for the providers to fuck you in this way because it removes the contractual limit on charges. Early on I made the mistake of trusting that when I went to an office and they got my health insurance info in advance and told me it was fine and I would be covered that it meant they would give me to a provider that was preferred. LOL.

I'm also frustrated and annoyed with my lack of progress on Oodle. At times I feel like I'm writing some really good code, and lots of it, but when I step back and look at what I've got done in the last 8 months, I'm not happy with where I am. I'm literally doing nothing but working, I basically have no friends (that I see), no hobbies, I never go out or do anything but work and take care of fucking errands and todos and desperately try to sleep. And yet I feel like I'm not working enough. Part of the problem is definitely all the fucking PT which is such a huge time sink and distraction. I'm tempted to just say fuck it and give up on my body because it's a frustrating annoyance, and the stress of it all is half undoing any progress I make.

In the voice of Mark from Peep Show : "that's what I need, to sink my teeth into a double helping of work".


Dave Moore said...

You know about gethuman.com, right?



cbloom said...

No I didn't know about that, will try.

One of the techs I talked to said I could try dialing #916 from the main menu, but when I did that it just made the system very angry.

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