06-14-09 - Noise Torture

I'm literally surrounded by crazy annoying loud people on all sides. To the west is the young couple who just had a baby that cries constantly; I've been around many babies and never heard one cry and cry like this; plus their Russian mom has now moved in with them and is always barking out orders to kill dissenting journalists in high pitched Russian.

To the north (fortunately across the street) is a party house full of frat boys who are constantly screaming "wooo" about something or other. Whoah bro sportscenter is on! Open the windows and scream "wooo" !! They literally set their house on fire the other day, fire trucks came and sprayed it, some fire dudes hacked open a wall to get at some stray embers inside. The next night after the fire they had another big party.

To the south is some amateur indie/punk band (emphasis strongly on the "amateur"). Fortunately they are a few houses away, but the pounding of the drums travels far. Sadly for me, they seem to be very dilligent about practicing the same song over and over and over. Sadly for them it doesn't seem to be helping.

To the east are the fucking white trash who are sitting outside drinking bud light and talking five feet away from my window. Blurg. Houses around here are way the fuck too close together. It's might be worse than the traditional row house like you have in SF or back east; with the row house you have a solid wall between you and the neighbor. Here we have open space and windows, but only like five feet of distance.

And of course there's "stompy" the crack head upstairs neighbor who seems to pass the time by moving his furniture from one end of the building to the other.

I guess it's kind of a noisy neighborhood, but I couldn't tell that when I moved in, because there are plenty of very nice single family homes around, with yuppie parents and kids and high property values.

There should really be segregation. There should be "ghettos" for the people who want to be noisy and have parties and whatnot - fine, that's cool, just go live in the noisy ghetto with other people of your kind. Alternatively, people should have to sign up in advance for certain weekends when they're allowed to be noisy so I can just go out of town those weekends.

I gather that many places in Europe have the tradition of a local pub on each block, and the people who live there just go congregate in the pub and make their noise there, so it's not in anyone's house. If you're making a ruckus, you go down to the pub. That seems like a good system.

Anyway, I write this now because by some divine conspiracy, all my neighbors went out of town this weekend. Hippie smoker jabberers next door - gone! Upstairs stompy - gone! No band practices, and no huge block parties. It was sublime, I was free, at peace, I could sit and read or work (I did lots of work), cook, listen to music, and I felt alone and happy. My god. Sometimes I get into these funks in life where I just think that everything fucking sucks and everyone is a huge dick, and then it's like the clouds clear - you see a moment where in fact, things do not suck, and it's like a revelation - whoah this misery is not how it has to be.


Aaron said...

Capitol Hill is exactly that ghetto of people who want noise. Come live in Wedgwood! You'll never complain about the noise! Though you might miss it...

cbloom said...

Yeah, there's the rub ...

Nino Mojo said...

As someone who suffered greatly from crazy neighbours in a crazy neighbourhood, I understand what you're going through. I almost went into moral depression. It makes you angry, unhappy, tired. Overall it makes you a worse person to be around, including for yourself.

Which of the following will hurt you more?

A) Continue to endure the torture of uninvited noise for x months/year?

B) Endure the hassle of looking for another place and move again?

Personally, I would go for B, and then B, and B, and B, as many times as needed for me to be happy. Easier said than done I know. But fuck, there's no reason to go through unwanted shit like that, especially if you know that your situation is very unlikely to change unless you do something. I say move.

cbloom said...

Yeah, I am moving. Aside from the noise there's the whole issue of the heat not being on, and the windows not keeping out smoke, etc. etc.

Yay moving.

Better to keep trying to change your life, even if you only make it worse, than to just suffer misery and do nothing.

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