04-27-09 - Getting Old

Last weekend we went to the arboretum, and I was being retarded as usual and jumping around. I jumped right in a mud puddle and slipped and landed with my knee on a rock. It hurt a bit at the time, not a huge deal, but my knee has been bruised and swollen for the whole last week. Even minor injuries seem to last so long and be so crippling now.

I can't stand the music the kids listen to these days. There have always been youthy genres I've hated (like rap-rock and all the mainstream pop), but one that really blows my mind these days is the "pop-punk" that the kiddies seem to love. Stuff like : crap or ass or dear god .

I think all the piercings and tattoos and such are ugly, unsanitary, and completely non-unique and not rebellious. Kids seem to love it.

I think twitter and facebook and myspace and cell phones and texting and all that is just an awful waste of time that never conveys any real information or interesting conversation. It's just a masturbaturoy attempt to reassure each other and feel connected, but it's not a real connection to anything natural.

I still get a paper newspaper, think that blogs are an awful place to get news, and that reading on monitors is extremely unpleasant.

Girls my age just look really old to me, all wrinky and saggy and dried up, like a bunch of bones flopping around inside an uninflated balloon. But girls that are young seem like retarded aliens.

I think text-message abbreviations should be used only when texting, and even then used as little as possible. I think eloquent speech and good grammar and to be strived for at all times; though I often fail, I would never write "srsly" or "imo" unless I was being ironic.

I'm getting old and it fucking sucks.


Thatcher Ulrich said...

The Matches do sound terrible, but in a bizarro way that reminds me of The Knack, who I dearly love.

Nino Mojo said...

Well at least kids by your place are still listeniong to something that vaguely ressembles music (I hear a guitar and some kind of human voice). If you hear what the kids listen to here in France, I think you'll have to come up with new words to describe how god awful it is.

cbloom said...

Nino, I might like that better; I posted BreakBot before :


he's French.

OTOH Yelle is talentless and just pop crap trying to capitalize on the electro craze. She's the french Lady Gaga.

Tom Forsyth said...

90% of all music is crap. Go back and actually listen to the top 10 in any year you like - it's shit (and that was back when "top 10" meant anything). It's the music that somehow survives its own time that retrospectively defines that era.

And then there's stuff like the Sex Pistols, which survive as a warning to others. They are merely famous for making lame statements ineptly. First use of the word "fuck" on daytime television - I guess that's an achievement of sorts.

James said...

I disagree wholeheartedly with tom forsyth. There was aa time when mega hits rose above all the crap because there actually was something to them, often written by a team of music theory graduates for some superstar, or adapted from some other decent song. I think stuff like Triller, yeah, heya and toxic (while all awful pop) don't even compare to the nonsense out today. Kids don't listen to music for any of the natural reasons anymore.

At least once a month i scrape my right ankle on my cog and get a scratch on my right wrists from climbing a tree and the amount of time it takes those scratches to heal has quadrupled in the past two years. My skin is aging faster than the rest of me.

As soon as I graduated from highschool I started making a concerted effort to women older than me attractive. I'm pretty sure you have to aim 4 years older than yourself at all times to really compensate.

castano said...

At least there are kids who still like and do good music.

Sly said...

Castano: to me that's boring as hell, sorry :)

As far as acoustic guitar is concerned, I prefer these:
(no loud or too fast guitar on purpose, not to pass for an extremist ;)

Something older, more latino:

Still I prefer electric guitar:

And how to build a whole song with several instruments alone in 2mn:

Liquid said...

I think Castano is right. What those two girls are singing is haunting and beautiful, not boring.

Liquid said...
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Raigan said...

I don't know what genre "The Matches" are, but it's not pop-punk.. pop-punk is more like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjtijSLolKQ&feature=related

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