04-23-09 - The Prurient Underbelly

Our cities are full of "massage parlors" that offer prostitution with a blatant store front and ads in the paper.

I wrote before about how every girl in LA does porn .

There are some widely spread numbers about $10 billion in porn movies per year, or 800 million rentals per year, or the number of porn movies that hotel guests rent. Unfortunatley those numbers are just made up ; (it's funny that even in his mea culpa about making up numbers he goes on to just make up other numbers out of thin air. good reporting, bub).

I was thinking about this because a few Sundays ago there was an article in the NYT Magazine about "SeekingArrangement.com". I didn't think much of it at first. SeekingArrangement is an online dating site like match or whatever, but it's specifically design for hooking up rich older men (often married) with young girls. It does toe the line of prostitution because it explicitly talks about dollar rates and what the girls would be willing to do. Still, these kind of arrangements have been around forever, I do find it rather disgusting, but it's not surprising.

But the sheer numbers are a bit surprising. They claim 300,000 girls have posted profiles. I assume they are exaggerating somewhat and some of the accounts are fake. Let's do some fake numbers like last time to get a surprising conclusion.

I assume most of the girls registered are in the age range 20-30. There are around 20M people in the US in the age range 20-30 (this number is correct BTW). About half of those are girls, so around 10 M. If the 300k girls on SeekingArrangement are from the US, that's 3% of the female population (!).

A more accurate number : there are around 200,000 girls in WA state in the target age group. There are around 2000 girls on SeekingArrangement from WA state. That's 1%. Still a rather high number.

Not really related, but also :

1. STOP TATTOOING YOURSELF !! My god, a whole generation of girls is ruining themselves. Fortunately I found a hot girl with no disgusting dark-green graffiti that breaks up the natural lovely smooth lines of the female body, but I still have to look at it on models and such. WTF. Oh yes, I know what would go great with this peach skin, this graceful natural arc of flesh and muscle, this magical body that is firm and yet soft, this curve that speaks right to my gut - a fucking dark green dolphin drawn by some high school dropout. Quit it.

2. Angelina Jolie is fucking revolting. She looks so bizarre, she's had so much plastic surgery, she looks like an alien. I'm so sick of her being used as the modern standard of beauty. She's the Garbo or Marilyn Monroe or Sofia Loren or whoever of today, and that just says volumes about the fucking awful taste of modern man. I hate that so many girls are trying to look like her and get that fucking punched-in-the-mouth lip injection I-cant-even-talk-right-cuz-my-lips-are-so-swollen.


Sly said...

Angelina Jolie: agreed!
I cannot stand her plastic brimming mouth. Plain ugly face.

Thatcher Ulrich said...

Angelina Jolie is poster girl for the Uncanny Valley.

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