04-16-09 - The Daily Ramble

Seattle is getting fucked. They're destroying Capital Hill. It's still sort of charming now, with old brick buildings, lots of greenery and plants, cheap rents and hipsters and artists. But they are tearing down the cool old buildings as fast as they can and putting up awful generic big blocks of condos plus retail space. They are literally turning it into Bellevue as fast as they can.

I despise dealing with the fucking receptionists at all these doctor places. I'm pretty sure the receptionist at MTI Physical Therapy is an alcoholic. I feel like I can identify it with just a minute of contact. There's a certain lazy attitude, a sloppy way of sitting, and a sort of floppy facial muscle nature, the way they talk is like their lips are too big and loose and they have to chew out the words. She's also got the sort of big jaw and brow and large nose with the bad pitted skin that I believe is caused by liver damage (Petechiae).

Anyway, it makes me think it might be nice to have a personal assistant. In theory you don't actually need to be making all that much money for a PA to be worth it. If they could actually remove all these distractions for me and help me focus on work and have a clear mind, it would be a huge boon. I don't want to have to think about bills or car registration or talking to receptionists or shopping or anything. I want only work and pleasure. It would give me time to exercise more, and to do more hobby programming. My concern would be that I couldn't actually trust the PA. Not "trust" as in worry they would steal from me, but trust as in be confident that they are taking care of things correctly. If I can't trust them, then it doesn't free my mind from worrying about all those things; I have to have full confidence that they are on top of everything, and it seems like someone solid enough to take care of things is not going to be a PA.

The tulips have started opening up around the city. I love the way the spring bloom here has such discrete stages. In a lot of places (Texas) it just suddenly happens one day and everything is blooming, but here we've had these steps as different species hit their time one by one. It's also pretty amazing the way the bulbs around here naturalize and just pop up in random parking strips and between bricks and such; we've had crocus, daffodil, and now the tulips.

I found a nice way to get a bike up and down cap hill - Interlaken Drive in Interlaken Park. It's like a tiny bit of woods, and there's nary a car on it. It's also got the really cool Hebrew Academy on it, which looks like some old gothic mansion; it makes me think of Wuthering Heights or Dickens or something, I imagine a rich old man muddling around in its dusty halls with a terribly unhappy neice that he forbids to go outside. I put some pictures on my flickr .

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