04-15-09 - PEPPR

There's a black Porsche Cayenne in Seattle with the custom plate "PEPPR". That on its own is reason enough to punch this guy in the crotch, but he's also a complete douchebag driver. He was speeding up and slowing down, tailgating, cutting across many lanes of traffic. He cut way across the merge triangle from 520 to 405, which kicks up a ton of debris, and he also did it straight into heavy traffic, causing lots of people to have to brake for him. What a cock. If you ever see this guy, please run into him intentionally, or at least key his car.

It is your moral duty as someone alive to punish dicks. We are all investors in the "social economy" that we all play in. If you don't punish dicks, you're just as bad as the pension managers who were asleep at the wheel of corporate oversight.

BTW you may be thinking it's hypocritical of me to criticize crazy drivers. Yes, I am somewhat crazy myself, but I try to be crazy without inconveniencing others. I try to be considerate. I hate people who drive too slow, but I also hate people who drive too crazy. That's not a contradiction - the point is that like most things in life there is a good middle ground, and you are a dick if you go too far in either direction.

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