04-15-09 - Bodies and Computers

I'm trying desperately to avoid sitting at the computer when I'm not working, but so far I haven't been too successful. I just don't know what else to do with myself. Last weekend I tried to make myself do all kinds of non-computer stuff. I put up drape hold backs, I vacuumed the radiators, I tacked the cable TV line to the floorboards, I went shopping for clothes around the city, I went for walks. I made a pork shoulder ragu with papardelle (that was quite fantastic, maybe the best ever ; similar to this or this ; some mods I made : use a mix of stock and red wine for braising liquid; when the braise is done, remove the meat and boat-motor the veg to make a sauce, use a bit of fennel seed, and one dried red chile).

And that all only took a few hours. Now what? I can read, watch TV, or get on the computer.

I kinda want to make a little iPhone game, but I'm not letting myself because that would mean a lot more computer sitting. (it would also surely distract me from the work I need to be doing for RAD).

If you are a young man thinking about a career, I strongly encourage you to stay away from computers. They will ruin your life. You will spent your years trapped in cubicles under flourescent lights, hanging out with a bunch of other nerdy men, not doing anything really dynamic or exciting in your life, and slowly ruining your body through keyboarding and too much sitting. You won't have contact with girls, or fun different people, you won't do things that you can tell stories about, you won't have freedom to develop your other interests, it will take all your time and you'll wind up getting pigeon-holed into some specialty that becomes increasingly tedious to you.

ADDENDUM : I don't think anyone sees my addendums now, because the first draft gets sent out with RSS, and then nobody goes back to the original page to see the updates. Mmm I kinda hate RSS. Anyhoo -

I got a medical massage from this guy named John Bagley at Belltown Healing Arts. It was fantastic, I felt a ton better afterward, and actually went in for a doctor exam later that same day, and my function tests were way improved. He's literally the first person I've seen that I felt like really examined my body and identified the problems. If you have computer/injury body problems, I highly recommend him, though it does mean you will have to be touched by a man, which may be confrousing to some.

If you go in to an orthopedist or a physical therapist and they don't tell you to take your shirt off, and actually look at and touch your muscles and bones to see what's going on - just walk out. They're a fucking hack. How can they diagnose you and treat you without seeing what's going on? Furthermore, a physical therapist should actually have a finger on your muscles as you do the exercises. If they just sit there and look bored and you do your reps, walk the fuck out.


Sly said...

> ADDENDUM : I don't think anyone sees
> my addendums now, because the
> first draft gets sent out with RSS

One can see them using Ffox plugins like SiteDelta, looking for changes in pages.

Or you could alter the entry title, which would probably cause the RSS flow to show the update (it seems to wokr this way on some sites' RSS I'm reading).

Aaron said...

I see your addenda in Google Reader just fine (well, if I search back in it, I get plenty of posts that start with "addendum", hard to say if it's all of them.

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