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Right now in Seattle, the Lawrimore Project features "Stability" - two people are living inside a giant teeter totter, so that they have to balance each other all the time.

Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle is probably the best bakery I've found yet here. It seems they only do one early morning baking, so late-day stuff is a bit stale. It's worth going in the morning on the weekend, fantastic pastries, bread, quiche and etc.

Skagit Valley is home to lots of Tulip and Daffodil farms where the fields are full of flowers for commercial production. It's quite a pretty area. The main bloom is coming in the next few weeks . I might try to get up there for a little road trip.

D & M seems to be one of the few places that will ship liquor to WA. Nice scotch selection.

Blackbird in Ballard seems to be the only actual cool men's clothing store in Seattle. Rather pricey.

You may know I've been looking at getting a 135 (damn Ryan beat me to it). One interesting option is Performance Center Delivery . You get the car cheaper, and you get a free track day out of it, which would be awesome. The down side is it's in fucking South Carolina (what kind of moron would ever want to live in SC!) which is an awfully far way to drive back here.

CoreInfo is useful for seeing how your cores map to logical processors and all that nonsense which will become ever more critical. I find all the low level lock free multithreading stuff super amusing to program, but it's just really not practical most of the time, because it does make code much harder to modify and debug and everything.

Kubota Garden is a large Japanese Garden in Seattle that was build almost entirely by a single family over many years. The city now runs it. Will have to check that out.

Good links from other blogs : Meme timeline and radical cartography .

Gus Hansen TV is pretty fucking awesome. He's quite a nutter. I think the jury is actually still out on whether he is any good or not. Most of the top players seem to think he is a huge fish - the high stakes games actually run *around* Gus right now, but Gus is not actually losing money in them yet. Time will tell. It requires Silverlight and a decently fast connection.

Some Puget Sound area touring links. I haven't done any of this yet so I don't know what of this information is actually good :

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drew_card said...

what kind of moron would ever want to live in SC!

Careful! At the rate you're going before long you'll run out of new cities to move to with your new your new girlfriends and end up *having* to move here.

cbloom said...

Oh snap!

Sly said...

> I've been going to a lot of physical
> therapy and doctor appointments
> and whatnot recently. It's such a
> huge distraction. For one thing it
> just takes a ton of time

Same here in Montreal (due to a shortage in doctors). The trick I found: I'm going to appointment-less clinics, and I arrive 35 mn before they open. Then I'm sure I'm the first to be checked and I didn't lose so much time before going to work.

AK said...
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AK said...

Rich and reasonably attractive men will always be able to find silly girls to move to random cities with them. *snort*

Aaron said...

Yeah I like Nouvaueaoaoeoeoe for standard bakery fare. Not a huge fan of their bread, but the pastries were good. On the other hand, when I want baked goods, I just end up enjoying Hiroki more. I've been told the La Boulangerie in Wallingford has good bread, but I'm skeptical. Frankly, no french bread I've ever had comes close to the french from Metropol Bakery in Eugene, OR. Oh, and chuck, if you're not on the rama farms list for peaches, I think they might still be accepting people for their list. The peaches are worth any price really http://www.ramafarms.org/ They offer two grades of peaches, I forget what the grades are, but the top grade ones (I think they call them their #1 peaches?) are the ones to get. Jesus, I can hardly type for the slobber all over my keyboard now.

Sly said...

> Rich and reasonably attractive men
> will always be able to find silly
> girls to move to random cities
> with them. *snort*
Why *snort*? The other way is true too ;)
Rich and reasonably attractive women will always be able to find silly boys to move to random cities with them.

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