04-08-09 - Knife Dipping

When you're putting condiments on your sandwich, you have to go in the right order. If you want mustard, mayo, and butter (btw butter on french bread is what makes a sandwich yum) you should go butter first, then mayo, then mustard. Getting a little butter in the mayo is no big deal, same with getting a little mayo in the mustard, but getting mustard on the butter would be a major faux-pas.

It's a trickier question with peanut butter and jelly. Do I get the PB in the jelly, or the jelly in the PB? And BTW please don't suggest using two knives, that is right out.

I've been going to a lot of physical therapy and doctor appointments and whatnot recently. It's such a huge distraction. For one thing it just takes a ton of time. The appointment might be only an hour, but you have to get there & park, then wait because they're always off schedule, then drive back. It winds up taking about three hours. And then there's the fact that it breaks up your day. I can't concentrate for hours before an appointment because I know an appointment is coming up. (it's kind of like how if I know I have to wake up early for something, I can't sleep that whole night because I keep waking up every half hour and looking at the clock wondering if I'll sleep through the alarm somehow). The whole hour before the appointment I can't really do any work because I don't want to start digging into something and get on a roll if I'm gonna have to cut it off.

The result is that on these days with doctor shit, I hardly get a lick of work done, and I just can't get my mind back onto focus. I only really do awesome work when I can wake up and just start working and not have any appointments or anything scheduled. I need to just be able to work as long as I want, when I want.

It also gets really pricey. At close to $100/visit at 3 visits to different people a week, you get into $1000/month very fast. I guess poor people don't get to be healthy. One of the weird things is that even though the physical therapist visit charges $200, (and I pay $50-$100 out of pocket that the insurance doesn't cover), the actual therapist is not making much money at all, they get maybe $30/hour ($60k/year). $170 is going to overhead, to the owner of the PT business, to the health insurance company and its executives and stock holders.

This is basically the model of all commerce in America these days - the product is too expensive for median-income consumers, and yet the people who actually make the product don't get that money, and they aren't paid enough to buy the very thing they make. The difference is getting skimmed to the super-rich. This is how income inequality grows. As a consumer, you should demand higher quality goods for cheaper prices, which means more of your money is going directly to the people who actually made the goods or provided the services. You should refuse to buy expensive garbage where 50%+ of the cost goes to management and shareholders.

Wright Angle is another nice quality Seattle food blog. Not awesome humor content like Surly Gourmand, but lots of good info and photos. It's helpful to me just to have blog subscriptions related to the things I like to do in life, because it gives me little reminders to get out and do those things. I'd like to find one about cycling around Seattle, maybe one about day trips and driving tours in the Puget Sound area, maybe one about raves, one about S&M and swinging, you know, all my interests.

Drew sent me this : NVidia Ion mini PC . I love these little mini cheap quiet PC's. NVidia might save their company with the cheap integrated market segment, because their integrated controller/graphics part is by far the best on the market right now (my god AMD/ATI should have such a clear advantage in this segment but they just can't get their shit together).

Anyway, the Ion PC made me think about something Butcher's been saying that just finally really rang true to me : the real loser in these PC price wars is MS. I mean obviously that's not true, clearly the hardware guys are the first to take the big hit, like Dell is in trouble because the Micro PC's are driving down prices and profit. But once we get into $300 and cheaper PC's, the problem for MS is that a $50-$100 copy of Windows doesn't make much sense any more.

When a PC is $1000 you can easily hide the $100 price of Windows, it doesn't seem so significant. But if you look at a $200 mini PC running Linux vs. a $300 mini PC with Windows, people will go for the Linux. (MS is aware of this and has recently started selling Windows cheaper to OEM's for use in the mini-PC market).


dfan said...

Peanut butter first, then wipe the knife on the other slice of bread, then jelly.

cbloom said...

Ah.. the bread napkin technique! I like it!

John said...

I was going to suggest exactly the same thing... except jam first :P

Peanut butter doesn't wipe off as cleanly as jam does.

(jam, not jelly; I'm english)

Sly said...

French bread, butter, cheese, jam, *fresh/slighty creamy* blue cheese (often the blue cheese one can buy is industrial and completely dry (*), meaning too young), add some vegies and salad as you like. More yummy if heated a bit :)

(*) no wonder people often don't like blue cheese: they're getting cheated with crappy and not done-yet cheese :(

Ivan-Assen said...

I just bought a Asus netbook where the difference between the Linux and XP version was $35.

So Microsoft are suffering not by losing sales - on the contrary, they have re-captured the netbook market which initially seemed to be teetering towards Linux - but by getting forced to sell very cheap. I wonder what they'll sell Windows 7 for with netbooks... that's what the idiotic "three apps at a time" limitation comes from, probably.

Aaron said...

Depends on the pb you use. If you use pb-candy (jiffy and the like), that'll never come off the knife, it's like permanently chemically bonded. If you use the manual-grind pb from the hippie store, that's just peanuts, and it wipes off cleaner than jelly.

Anyway, the correct answer isn't one knife, or two, it's a knife for the pb and a damn spoon for the jelly, unless you want to spend your whole morning taking jelly out from the jar one atom at at time.

Sly said...

> Anyway, the correct answer isn't
> one knife, or two, it's a knife
> for the pb and a damn spoon for
> the jelly
True. Still I'd not put jelly and butter/mustard/jam/cheese together, I'd put that on a secondary dessert bread.

Thatcher Ulrich said...

1. Jelly. 2. Lick the knife. 3. PB. Jelly has to be first because it takes too long to lick the PB clean.

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