04-07-09 - Unbelievable

Fucking doctors are such fucking cock ass mother fucking scum sucking sons of bitches.

I've requested my medical records from every doctor that's been involved with my shoulders. I've gotten them from zero. The offices always treat me like I'm being such a huge pain in the ass. Fuck you it's my fucking records. When I tell them that I just referred myself they give me all this attitude. Fuck you, I have a PPO and I have fucking torn shoulders, I know I should be seeing a shoulder specialist, I don't need to go to some fucking primary care retard just to get referred back to you.

The doctors spend less than 5 minutes actually looking at me. They don't ask about detailed history at all. They immediately send you for MRI's. But then they literally don't even look at the MRI's. They just read the one page summary by the MRI tech. I've read those summaries and they're literally like one or two sentences. The doc doesn't read it before you visit, they just skim the summary once they get handed your chart in the office. Then they refer you to Physical Therapy.

The PT and the doc literally never talk. In fact, the doc doesn't even write any notes or instructions for the PT. When you show up at the PT office, they don't have your medical records or know anything about you really. WTF am I paying all you fucking tards so much for !?

Even at the PT places, the actual trained PT only sees you for maybe half an hour or so, and then you get handed off to the exercise babysitter who doesn't know shit about shit.


Robert said...

My good man...my girlfriend feels the same way about docs. lol

ryan said...

Yeah I went to doctors for years when I was young because of my neck. All it did was cost money and none of them really ever said or did anything useful. After that experience I only go do doctors if I am very very ill. I just live with the joint pain.

cbloom said...

Yes, but at least now you are a master of the robot dance and owl impersonation.

Sly said...

I don't know how you guys do not to murder all your so called doctors. A generalist should spent 15mn per patient (that's quite a standard timing in Europe and here in Quebec/Canada).

cbloom said...

Actually that reminds me of a funny thing. I was chatting with a doctor friend about how I can't get these guys to actually spend any time looking at me. He gave me some tips :

1. Have all your questions and issues in writing with you. Give the doctor a copy when he walks in the room, then go over them with him one by one.

This is the one that really made me lol :

2. When the doctor comes in the room, try to take up a position while talking to him such that he is in the room and you are in the doorway, so that he can't walk out of the room without actually brushing past you.

I'm sure that is in fact good advice but it's quite funny to me that such steps are required.

Aaron said...

Going to a doctor for joint issues still baffles me. Have they ever helped anyone with anything? Maybe in some heavy duty surgical cases? Or like you say they ship you off to PT. Why not just go see a good chiropractor. They're like PT's, except they know what they're doing.

Aaron said...

...with the obvious caveat that there are plenty of shit chiropractors out there too. I just never ever in my life have seen a doctor do anything competent and helpful, other than fix broken bones. And even then in my case they fucked it up (let my broken collarbone heal with an overlap, instead of setting it properly end to end).

ryan said...

Yea for me there is no hope. I went to a chiropractor once too and she almost paralyzed me. Tried to crack two vertebrae that are fused... I could hardly stand up for three weeks after that. Good times for a little kid.

cbloom said...

Well it's not like I'm going for "joint issues". This isn't about my back pain from computer use or anything, I know that doctors are useless for that. This is about traumatic injury in which my labrums were torn. That's the kind of thing doctors are actually supposed to be good at.

I'm also perfectly happy with the non-surgical approach, in fact I think it's generally better to avoid surgery if at all possible.

What I'm not okay with is the complete lack of any medical attention to the non-surgical treatment.

Aaron said...

Yeah, cb your issue seems like one where a doctor would really be the logical right thing. The surgical/non-surgical split is definitely where there's a big gap in care. Surgeons get to do something nice and easy and concrete (cut out X, stitch together Y), but so much of what happens that's non-surgical is totally out of the hands of the doctors, so they suck at it. Docs know all about placebo effects and self-healing and all that jazz, so they view their job primarily as making you think they're some kind of magical healer. In most cases that's all they have, and they're kinda right. It's mostly self healing (like you doing the right PT exercises, etc).

We hit stuff like that a bunch with birth stuff too, interestingly enough. Doctors LOVE to do surgeries and manage care with drugs (a big part of the reason that the C-sections rate is like 24-33%). It's exceedingly challenging to stay away from those folks once you get anywhere near a hospital.

Maybe the crucial thing is finding a good 'in' to the medical regime. Once you find one good doc, they can refer you around to other good people. But until you find that good person, you just get treated like crap. That 'in' could be a doc, chiro, anybody.

Ryan, sounds like you had a pretty bad chiropractor if they tried to crack fused vertebrae. Did they even do an X-ray first? If you ever want to try again, I've got a really good one. He uses this little percussive gun thing most of the time. It's like frickin' magic.

ryan said...

Yeah the problem for me was that when I was young something happened to cause allot of joint damage in most of my joints as well as fusing my neck. Nobody could even guess what happened. So after years of wasted time and frustration I said fuck it and decided to just live with the pain. But I'm totally used to it now. And yes I am now the master of the robot dance.. Hahahahah

Aaron said...

And you can still run forwards and catch a frisbee from behind (or at least you could a few years ago), so you can't be suffering that badly.

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