04-06-09 - Seattle Spring

is gorgeous. But it is wreaking havoc with my sinuses. It's gotten so bad that I'm getting bloody noses now, which is quite rare for me. It's especially fun when you have a bloody nose combined with hard sneezes, so that you shoot red snot all over the place. Anyway, walking around in the sunshine is delightful :

The azaleas have just started blooming in the warmer/sunnier spots around the city. I guess they'll kick in over the next few weeks. After that I'm looking forward to the Rhododendrons; I see them all over the city with their big leaves and their closed up flower buds, so I suspect there will be lots of them when they open. I think the arboretum has a nice collection.

While the cherries are nice, I'm particularly attracted to the trees with big white flowers; I'm not sure what they are, maybe dogwood? It's not something I've ever seen in California.


Aaron said...

Don't forget the cherry blossoms in the UW quad, they're about 3/4 on now, should be banging pretty good in the next few days with this sunshine.

castano said...

That's beautiful! It was like that here a few weeks ago. Look at my front yard:


Unfortunately it only lasted for a few days and most of them I was at GDC.

Marian said...

Magnolia is another one that you see in town which has big white gorgeous flowers.

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