04-02-09 - Too much

ZOMG there are way too many papers on image and video these days. I just found this huge dump of ICIP papers. I just downloaded them all. There are 5000 papers taking 2 GB. That's just ICIP 2002-2008.

See for example : ICIP 2008

Oh, and of course in typical fuckup style, all the file names are like "001037.pdf" ; Awesome. I may have to write a problem to parse PDF and try to find the title and stick it in the file name.

The bad thing about Wikipedia is not that it's inaccurate (as retards often joke). It's that democracy and the rule of facts makes it very boring. Any little bits of humor or commentary in the articles are stripped out because they aren't directly factually backed. I'd far rather read something that's full of exaggeration and distortion written by someone amusing who's trying to make a point.

And really, presenting just the facts is its own kind of distortion. So much of history is subtlety and innuendo that some winking allusions can give you a better picture.

Wouter mentioned a while ago that used Porsches were getting really cheap with this economy. I glanced at Cayman S listings and thought "meh yeah he's right but not hugely". Then I looked at 911 listings. ZOMG. You can get a 2006 911 S for under $40k. That's 50% depreciation in two years. High end Mercs have fallen similarly. The more exclusive high end cars like Ferraris and such haven't fallen so much, but they are way more available than they would be in a tougher market (I mentioned before that the Nissan GT-R is available for below MSRP, which I'm sure is pissing off dealers that hoped to sell it for way over MSRP).

So anyway, if you've always wanted a 911, it's a great time to get one. I've always heard they're really unpleasant as a rush hour daily driver, so I have to wait until I have a house and a driveway so it can be my second car.

I'm done with old apartments. As much as I think our place is lovely and charming, I'm sick of the quirks, the floors that creak and are thing as cardboard, the dust everywhere, vents that don't work, windows that don't open or close or keep out the cold or wind, shitty kitchens and baths, etc. I hate mid-century American shit too, so the only option is to go brand new. I'm sick of getting ill from mold and dust and lead and whatnot in these dirty old places.

The rent for homes vs. apartments in Seattle is totally out of whack. You can rent a whole house on Cap Hill for $2000/mo, one of the big beautiful homes on a really nice street. Decent apartments are like $1500/mo. WTF, that's completely out of whack. I was thinking I'd like to get a top floor apartment (or rent a condo) in a new building. That would give me views and a deck and high levels of swank, but they're like $2500+ which is pretty nuts given our economy and the low price of whole fucking houses.

I've bought a bunch of things recently and I'm super unhappy with all of them.

Levi's 501's : the fuckers have completely redesigned the 501. Of course they still call it the "501" because 501 is a *brand* not a *model*. In fact ironically they now label them "The Original 501" when they are far from that. The actual original 501 (well, not the original 501, but the one that was pretty constant from the early 80's to late 90's) was marvelous and fit me perfectly. The only problem I have with the older 501's is that they take *forever* to break in. I've got a pair of the real shrink-to-fit 501's that I've had for over a year and they still haven't broken in. The new "original" 501 has the more modern thin denim that you don't have to break in, but they also totally changed the cut and it fits weird on me. Among other things they now have false waist sizing to mollify people who claim to be thinner than they really are (this is standard practice amongst most fuck-tard fashion brands, they label the waist a 34 but it's really more like a 36).

I bought a down comforter from Pacific Coast Feather Co . They are offering 20% off the allergen-free stuff right now so I thought WTF, this company is supposed to be the best. I have visions of a white bedroom, with morning light pouring through the windows, waking up all nestled in the fluffy down comforter. The comforter is shit. It's made of that fucking awful modern synthetic material that's all shiny and crinkly, it feels gross and makes weird noises when you rub on it. God I despise modern synthetic materials with a passion. I want cotton and tweed and silk and leather and wood and dirt and stone and flesh.

Which reminds me of my many recent failures trying to buy new jackets. In SF I went shopping one day because I need a decent jacket and don't have a single one; I went to a bunch of fancy stores, Nordstrom, Macy's, Kenneth Cole, some other little ones. Every single fucking jacket is synethic crinkly shiny awful shit. I don't mean blazers, I mean jackets that zip up. Everything from fucking Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic, J Crew etc etc it's all fucking polyster nylon shiny crinkly shit.

I long ago made a rule for myself to never buy clothes online, because they always are horrible in some way you can't anticipate, either the material is shit or they don't fit or they have some weird logo you couldn't see in the previews. But I do sometimes try to buy something that's just another one of something I already have. Oh no! That doesn't work either because the fuckers keep changing things without changing the name.

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