04-02-09 - Leather

Test drove a 135 again. It's a fucking great car, the steering feel and suspension are marvelous, and it also goes wonderfully tame and quiet if you lay off the throttle. But when the mood hits you, power is available at any moment because of the amazingly flat torque curve.

But the seats are leather. In about 5 minutes my ass was a sweltering swamp. My back was a waterfall draining into said swamp. Your only other seat option is plastic (they call it "leatherette" but it's bleeding plastic).

What the hell is wrong with cloth !? It's light, it's cool and breathable, it's cheap, it's durable, it's the perfect car seat material. I've read that BMW puts cloth seats in its cars in Europe, it's only America where they think they have to play into this "leather is luxurious" retardation.

Bleck. I've also decided I don't really love the fat spongey M sports steering wheel. I'd rather have a thin hard one with molded grip. Like, say, the one in my beloved Prelude. It makes you feel more intimately connected with the road, and I like being able to get my whole hand around it.

Anyhoo, the only big decision left for me is manual or automatic (steptronic). Normally I would definitely go manual, but the steptronic is pretty damn good and the manual-mode control on it still makes you feel somewhat connected


Aaron said...

Just rip out the seat and put in a racy aftermarket one. They're only like $1500

cbloom said...

I think you might be joking, but I did look into that. The problem is the aftermarket seats seem to all be total balls. They're completely nonadjustable and look like ass too.

Of course I could just go to a junkyard and get some Honda seats. That would be ghetto chic.

Aaron said...

Wasn't really joking, I just assumed they'd be good :P How's that for advice!

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