03-28-09 - GDC

... was really rough. I didn't get to any talks so I don't have anything good to tell you. I got to walk around the floor a bit, but didn't see anything interesting really. There is a ton of middleware out there - a procedural texture product (Allegorithm or something), FMOD, SpeedTree, a particle system middleware - and all of them have really really polished tools, super nice UIs. There are also just a ton of game engines now, some of them have very flashy demos.

I miss San Francisco. Even just flying in, I looked out the window and could make out the weird shape of Point Reyes and thought of all the great biking out there, the fun people who go swim Bass Lake, the sun shine, the aromatic smell of all the sage and bay laurels. The city has such a happy vibe to me, so many different types of people all jammed together and getting along, hobbos, hippies and hipsters. People biking around, sitting in the park, everyone seems to be energetic and full of life.

It was interesting seeing the break down and set up. It's amazing how fast they do it. Literally the second the 3:00 closing bell is chimed on the last day, the union labor guys start pouring in and picking up carpet. The RAD Veterans immediately started tearing apart the booth and boxing it up so it would be ready and they could get out of there. In a few hours the whole place was torn down.

Also, a lot of people have mentioned "OnLive" in their GDC blogs. It's 100% retarded and I don't want to hear about it any more. I would bet any amount of money against them ever making any money.

... and I got the GDC Disease from shaking hands with weirdos from around the World. As soon as I got home I was hit with a brutal cold, headaches and mucus.

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