03-23-09 - Tech Image Series 5

This time we see some error delta images. These are created by taking an image, compressing, decompressing, then subtracting from the original, and finally multiplying up by some constant so that you can actually see the errors (normally there are values like 0,1,2,-1,-2, so they would just appear black and not visible to the human eye).

Wavelet :

Lapped DCT :


Tom Forsyth said...

I've always thought an image compressor based around good nipple-encoding would save a huge amount of the bandwidth on the web. You could easily make it an exemplar-based system, because you don't need a very large dictionary to cover a lot of the possible image space.

cbloom said...

Yes, sadly I am forced to download a lot of shameful dirty pornography to test my image compressors, since that is the most common data type that users care about. Oh the horror.

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