03-23-09 - Consumer Reports

I broke down and bought a Consumer Reports membership to check up on cars. It's reasonably cheap, you can get a $5.95 for one month, but of course you have to remember to cancel and there are many reports of that being a pain and then contuining to charge you.

More importantly it's just crap. It's worthless. There's not really much on there that you can't find for free around the web. The only thing of value at all is the reliability survey, the actual articles are pure piss. I was actually shocked at the lack of information, I kept clicking around the web site trying to find the information that I assumed I was somehow not seeing. And with the growth of free sites like TrueDelta and even just the forums of places like Edmunds, you can pretty much get the reliability information elsewhere.

I mentioned to Ryan this concept : I think you can trust car owners complaining about their cars. A lot of stuff you see on web forums is just whiners and cranks, but people are so biased to defend their purchase, after spending $20k or more on a car they really don't want to admit that they fucked up, so when you see someone say that they hate their car and regret buying it, there must be real problems.

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