03-21-09 - Search Awareness

It's very important to be aware of how your product name will work in search these days. If you name your band something like "Soap" you're never going to show up.

For example apparently there's a company called "Rad Technologies" in Hyderabad, and they posted a job listing on Oodle.com (a big classified site) , so if you search "Oodle Rad" you find them. There's also a Developer dot Ooodle dot com (for the Oodle classified site) which has an Oodle API and so on.

Anyway, the thing that's annoying me today is I'm trying to search for differences between Directx 8 and 9, and it's just impossible to search for anything related to DirectX any more.

What they should have done is made a different name for the runtime and the developer API. Call the runtime DirectX but call the developer interface apiX or whatever. That way when developers are talking about the internals, we can find each other.

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