03-16-09 - Windows NetWorking

Windows "File & Printer Sharing" Networking is really annoying me. It's one of the main culprits of long mystery stalls during boot. It also gives you the awful horrible stalls when you open Explorer for the first time.

What I would like is to be able to boot with Windows Networking completely disabled. Then when I choose at some later point I'd like to be able to turn it on. Can I do this?

The other thing that kills me is if I slip while typing in CMD and accidentally dir to one of my networked mapped drives, I just get a huge stall.

My Windows XP boot takes about 1 minute. I've been using "BootVis" and "BootLog XP" to check it out. BootVis is pretty cute, it makes nice graphs, but the actual important part of boot it just labels as "services" with no breakdown about *which* services. BootLog XP does a bit of a better job because it shows each DLL load and times each one, so you can make some educated guess about which services are taking all that time.

There's tons of little shit, okay, whatever. The AntiVir takes a lot of time, maybe 15 seconds total. Oh well, that's life.

csrss.exe is the next biggest time eater, it takes abour 10 seconds. Apparently most of that is because of loading the registry. I checked "pagedfrg" and my registry is not fragged at all.

The other big thing is svchost starting up the networking services which takes around 10 seconds.

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