03-11-09 - Youtube Video Uploading

I made a video that I'm trying to upload to Youtube, and I CANNOT for the life of me get it to upload decently. Fucking Youtube seems to always want to reprocess it, and by "reprocess" I mean "turn it into pixelated shit".

There seems to be absolutely ZERO official information from Youtube about formats to upload videos. There's this hillariously unhelpful page and that's it. There are lots of guides around from amateurs, but they have no idea WTF they are talking about and often give totally bogus advice.



ryg said...

For the "normal" videos, there's this one:


Executive summary: Video codec is Sorenson Spark (subset of H.263), 320x240 pixels at 30fps, 240 kbit/s, GOP size=240 frames. Audio is MP3, 56kbit, 22.05khz mono.

The HD videos are H.264, but I don't know about the size/bitrate defaults (and also nothing about Audio there).

Also, Audio seems to go through some extra processing, notably at some point they started passing through a Compressor/Limiter that absolutely killed all dynamic range your original audio might have had, I believe they've stopped that now (or at least turned it less aggressive) but haven't checked.

They also seem to be archiving the non-transcoded submissions, presumably so they can transition to better quality over time.

Finally, I haven't checked but I have the nagging suspicion that they're always going to decode-encode, even when you submit everything in exactly the right format.

John Burnett said...

http://vimeo.com/ .........?

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