03-06-09 - Bargains

I keep hearing on the news that with the economy crashing there are tons of bargains as all the richy dickward stockbroker types are having to sell off their Mercedes and whatnot. Well, I haven't seen them.

There are tons of houses for sale in my neighborhood in Seattle, but the prices are still ridiculously high ($1 M or more for anything I would consider decent - decent in my definition means a reasonable amount of land so that your house is more than 10 feet from the one next to you.) Actually a lot of the "nice old houses" on Cap Hill are actually pretty shitty. I mean they're from 1920 or something so they are made with good craftsmanship and nice materials, but they are really like the "McMansions" of the past. They're huge - 4000 square feet or more - on tiny lots, right next to each other, and many of them are just big squares, with no architectural elegance or proportion to their setting. I enjoy walking around the neighborhood, I find it quite lovely, but it's easy to get caught up in it and forget how undesirable those places really are.

I took a walk around Kirkland a few days ago and saw a 1 acre empty lot for sale about half a mile away from RAD. They want $1.4 M which is an awful lot for something you have to build on, but that's a lot more reasonable than the fucking new condos they're building in Kirkland and trying to sell for $1 M (!!). Good luck with that.

The other day I was thinking about the fucking developers who buy up lots all over Seattle and tear down nice old houses and put up condos or townhomes or something, and then they turn around and sell the condos for $500k or townhomes for $1M , when the fucking original house and lot went for $1M. The developers are making a huge profit, but I can't really blame them. It's the fucking dick-wad retarded consumers who are willing to pay so much for fucking CONDOS. What is wrong with you people.

People are willing to pay huge amounts of money for retarded shitty junk that doesn't cost much to make. The smart efficient capitalists are all too willing to accomodate them. Everything we buy now is fucking shitty quality bad material made in china junk. Even the expensive "haute" stuff is like that - it's just slightly better done.

(the only thing I have seen a bargain on is Mercedes CLK's ; there are 2006 CLK's for $20k. That car retailed for around $45k. Everything else seems to be holding value just fine. Used WRX's for example cost almost as much as a new one; I have a general loathing for Mercedes, but the CLK 550 is not bad and the used ones are really cheap right now).

I guess I need to wait out the crash a little bit more until people actually become desperate.

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