02-28-09 - Tidbits

I saw a Full Tilt chat log where Howard Lederer mentions that they use a hardware random number generator, and they don't draw the number until its needed. (eg. they don't just use it to seed each hand). I wonder what they use. I suppose they don't want to be vulnerable to some figuring out the sequence of a pseudo-random number generator (though that would be pretty much impossible if they used a site-wide PRNG ; if they were dumb and used one per table then you could definitely do it in theory, though if it had enough bits of state it would not be at all practical).

High Stakes Poker Season 5 is back !! WOOT. And GSN is putting full episodes up on Youtube. Good for them. Season 5 Ep 1 on youtube . If you go to GSNVideos playlist they have every episode from every season up.

Physical Therapy sucks so fucking bad. And I'm a person who really enjoys working out normally. But this is such a weird unnatural painful movement. It has none of the fun or satisfaction of a normal workout, it doesn't make me feel strong or give me a sweat or a high or a muscle pump or anything. And worst of all, it's so boring, and yet you have to focus on it completely. If your mind wanders at all, you start using the wrong muscles which ruins the whole point. The point is to specifically target these weird little supportive muscles that have been neglected, and if you don't concentrate fully the big muscles in the area will kick in and take the load. Urg.

I'm pretty disappointed with my surgeon here let again. He doesn't seem to want to cut me, which is fine, but how about some fucking data? I asked him about my various options and what the likely outcomes might be and he was just all vague and wishy washy. What's the percentage chance of full recovery if I just do PT? What's the chance if I get surgery then PT? What's the percentage chance of getting worse from surgery, and the rate of bad complications? A torn labrum is a common enough problem that these figures should all be available and pretty accurate.

My Physical Therapist seems reasonably smart, but she has the typical narrow view of PTs. She could see hey these supportive muscles around your shoulders are too weak and if we strengthen them they will hold your shoulder in place even though your labrum doesn't. Okay great. But if I do this fucking PT for a year, what's the chance that I actually get back to full shoulder function? Oh, you have no idea. Is there anything I can ever do to make this popping and clicking and crunching go away? No idea. Would it be better for me to get the surgery first and then do PT or just try to do PT only? No idea. Thanks.

There's so much wrong with the bail out and the stimulus package that I've just given up paying attention. Of course that means the crooks have won. This is a standard trick of all assholes and shysters and it's a big part of how dick-wads get rich. They just keep being extreme ridiculous fuck-tards. You fight them a while, but eventually all reasonable people can't take it any more and they check out, and then fuck-tards win.

Let me just say two things : 1. The financial crash is not due to some arcane economic model that nobody could understand and is mysterious and complex and blame free. It's due to direct unethical irresponsible behavior by humans beings trying to get rich quick by taking huge risks and passing off garbage as value. 2. The problem with health care costs is not records, it's not even the uninsured. It's private industry absolutely raping consumers, employers, and the public sector. Health insurance companies made a total profit of over $20 billion last year. I don't understand how the collusion system between providers and insurance that prevents you from making any real private decisions is legal.

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