02-16-09 - Fat

Fat is amazingly delicious, but of course eating pure fat is disgusting. One of my sort of "aha" moments was realizing that the real core secret of a lot of fancy cooking is finding a way to serve you lots of fat without it being disgusting.

I've gotten fat over the past few months. Surely part of the blame is suddenly having a full time job, being somewhere gray and cold and rainy, and of course a huge part is having a torn labrum. But part of the blame lies on Belgian beer and bacon. The yeasty, sweet caramel flavors of the Belgian Beer are the perfect complement to good smokey, salty, fatty bacon. Om nom nom nom. (the only thing missing from that flavor harmony is something pungent, which can be filled appropriately by brussel sprouts (in bacon of course), and a bit of aged balsamic would not be unwanted).

Today is brought to you by the letter B. B is almost certainly the best letter in the world. It has belgian beer and bacon. Brussel sprouts. Broccoli. It has blog, and of course me, Bloom. It has bread and butter (yum), batter, buns, and beer. Best of all it has bubble butts and boobs. This retarded rambling is here because I've been listening through my music collection alphabetically, and I'm amazed by how good B is.

Bonnie Prince Billy, Bonobo, Burial, Band of Horses, Beach House, Boards of Canada, Bjork, Beirut, Belle and Sebastian, Ben Watt (borderline B), Beta Band, Black Ghosts.


John Burnett said...

Random internet person again: did you change your blog feed settings? I know little about RSS, and less about Blogger, but it seems there's a preference called "Settings.Site Feed.Allow Blog Feeds". From my RSS reader's POV, it looks like it used to be set to "Full" up until a few weeks ago, at which point it switched to "Short". As it is, I can't read your full posts without clicking through, which sucks ass on a phone.

Sidenote: "Bitcrush" is good too ("Enarc" album).

nothings said...

And Barrett!

(my collection offers the Beatles, Bel Canto, Bela Fleck, Belly, Bad Religion, Black Flag, Boston, The Breeders, David Byrne, Glenn Branca, Boston... but tastes vary)

Of course the alphabet distribution is very non-linear (e.g. halfway through my artist list gets me to J, not M), and it may just be that B is a particularly large category, so it has much more than 1/26th of the bands, and maybe it has the great ones in the same disproportion.

dfan said...

B is also the initial letter of a disproportionate number of top-tier classical composers. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner, Bartok, Berg, Britten, Boulez.

cbloom said...

Ah yes, Bela Fleck, the hero of all acid-jazz banjo players ;)

I'm Howard Moon Sir, I play acid-jazz blueglass, that's my style sir.

We also have Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck, and the Beach Boys.

cbloom said...

"Boston, The Breeders, David Byrne, Glenn Branca, Boston"

BTW I really like Boston too, I think they're worth too mentions ;)

Also got damn, comments need an edit button. Blue glass !?

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