02-16-09 - The Bar Exam

Being a lawyer is just ridiculously awful. I mean, obviously it's awful because you have to do law stuff, dear god, but the whole situation with the state bar exams is sick bad. Basically it means you can never move.

So, like the Bar exam is really hard, it's just a ton of horrible memorization. That's awful, but hey you do it once when you graduate and you get certified and I could be okay with that.

But that's not it. If you move (to a state without reciprocity, or without practicing long enough, both of which happen often) - you have to pass again in your new state. There are some exceptions where you can be an assistant with an out of state bar and so on, but basically you have to pass again.

So you've been a practicing lawyer for 10 years or something, you decide you want to move to CA, and now you have to pass the bar. Surely your practice has been in some little specialty, so it's not like you remember all the other weird details of all the various laws outside your specialty, so you have to study all over, and it's *worse* - it's the worst kind of new test, because it's really similar to what you studied before, but just very slightly different.


AK said...

I'm flattered that you're annoyed about this for me. However, when you switch states you take the "attorney exam," which means you get some breaks, at least. Still, it blows. And most states have some kind of reciprocity if you've practiced long enough -- CA doesn't let anyone in though. Bastards.

Tom Forsyth said...

My wife is a dog & cat veterinarian. When we moved from the UK to the US, she had to retake all the exams. At least when you move from one state to another you can argue that the law does actually change, but American dogs and cats are pretty much identical to the British ones.

To add insult to injury, she also had to re-pass all the tests on sheep, pigs, horses and cattle, despite never having been a large-animal vet, and never wanting to be a large-animal vet.

So stop bloody moaning, lawyers!

AK said...

What's with this guy? Haha... that's what you get from emigrating, yo!

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