02-05-09 - Sweats

I'm wearing sweats today because I had MRIs this morning. To my last MRI, I wore jeans, and the buttons were moving around the whole time, which was not horrible but mildly unpleasant, so this time I went with the whole George Costanza draped in velvet look. It feels really weird to me walking around town in sweats, I feel creepy, like a child molestor, or an experienced strip-club goer who knows to wear soft loose pants.

Anyhoo, I'm going in tomorrow to talk to the doc about my MRI and see what can be done. The guy I'm seeing is a shoulder arthroscopy specialist, and I have a feeling he's a "cutter". When I talked to him before and asked what my options were he was like "surgery". That's cool, I chose him because I think it's time for that. As a patient you need to be evaluating your options for care and choosing them wisely yourself; only you can weight the pros and cons of the various choices.

The doc I'm seeing is the team doc for the Mariners. He's done shoulder surgeries on various athletes. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it means he must be pretty good, but it also means I'm a peon. I wanted to be sure I got someone who saw the goal as restoring my athletic function, not just getting me out of pain.

I was somewhat annoyed and bemused to be told that they couldn't get 90.3 on the radio. Here I am stuck in a $100,000 machine with magnets flying around me, and the radio in the booth is too shitty to get a major station.

You can't have metal in the machine and it's super noisey, so they give you earplugs and headphones. The headphones of course have no metal, which I found quite delightful. They work on directly pushed air pressure to transmit the signal. There's literally a plastic tube that runs from the speaker in the booth to your headphones in the machine. The movement of the speaker pushes on the air which creates an air pressure wave (aka "sound") through the tube, which then pushes on a membrane (basically a drum) in the headphones. It's a bit like the tin can telephone concept, except that it actually works.

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