02-05-09 - Curios

So I found this thing Sandboxie which seems to be a simple app that does exactly the thing I talked about before to virtualize disk accesses for an app to sandbox it. It seems pretty perfect. It's not like totally secure, so I wouldn't try running malicious viruses in it, it's more of a convenience for running malware things like everything by Apple that you just don't want polluting your system.

Alissa's new Vista laptop is going to get here any day now. I've been looking for "getting started with Vista" guides that are targetted at the power user and haven't really found anything. If anyone has a good link or advice, I'd appreciate it. In particular one thing I'm curious about is whether to set up user accounts as normal, limited, or administrator. Most things with settings and whatnot I can figure out down the road, but some of the initial setup is crucial to do right from the beginning, because things like user account settings are so hard to move.

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