02-04-09 - Morning's Here

The Good Eats about oranges had one interesting tidbit - Sherbert actually comes from an Arabic word, and Sherbet is closer to the original that Sorbet. I love stuff like that, because the pretentious foodie would always give that condescending annoying correction when someone says Sherbet, they would say something like "you mean sorbet". Umm, no, actually I mean sherbert. And even if you were right, fuck you.

It's just gorgeous up here right now, it's really amazing when the sun is shining. To celebrate, here's some good sunny morning music :

Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine ; this is a something from my past, and it's just so hillariously goofy and funky, it has to put you in a good mood.

Good Mornin' - Singing in the Rain ; it's great to stay up late.

Morning's Here - Friends ; sunshine is here, coffee's here, breakfast is here! This one's particularly good because you can just improv your own words and sing about whatever you're looking forward to. Wow that sentence was straight out of Mister Rogers.

I used to watch Friends just for the smoking hot chicks (and also because I am a sad lonely sucker and I needed some television friends to keep me company) - I never expected anything actually funny from it, so when it did actually have something funny it was just like pure bonus, pure gravy, added value if you will.

I watched a bit of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe. It's both good and bad. It's totally what I think, it's almost like watching myself ranting about Television (though, granted, he has better comic delivery), which is good in that I agree and sympathize, but bad in that I already get way too much of my own opinion already (I'm quite fed up with myself, I've had all I can stand and I can't stands no more!). As soon as I heard the Grandaddy theme song and heard him ranting about Lost I knew we were soul mates. (WTF how can you people watch Lost - random is not the same as myterious or complex).

BTW let's not get carried away by how nice it is up here when the weather's good. Saying "it's nice when the weather's good" is a statement with no content - good weather provides it's own inherent niceness; it's like saying "it's nice when it's nice". Yes, yes it is. I mean, fucking Norway is lovely when the weather's good (I hear the summer there is quite pleasant). That doesn't mean it's a good place to live. You have to always put into the equation how *often* is it good, and how bad is it when it's bad? *Most* places on earth are nice in either the summer or the spring. It's nothing to brag about. It always makes me LOL when people talk about what's great about where they live. The typical list of things people brag about :

"It's nice in the spring/summer" - (aka "it's nice when it's nice" , no shit sherlock).

"People are nice here" - (really? you somehow selected for nice people? People are pretty much the same everywhere, they just have different conventions about how flowery to be with their greetings).

"We have the XX" (insert local sports franchise in XX) - Hmm, I'm sure no other city has sporting franchises. And I'm not really sure how that greatly improves your quality of life anyway.


MH said...

Haha. Ive had exactly the same thought when people tell me "Yeah, he's a nice person". Its always an evaluation of that person's behaviour towards friends.

Of course theyre nice to their friends you idiot! The true test is how nice they are to their enemies or someone that is frustrating them.

cbloom said...

Yeah, I'm sure Eva Braun thought Hitler was a sweetie.

Aaron said...

People do stupidly say it's nice in the summer. But, in about 3/4 of the country, it's not nice in the summer. It's not nice in the midwest(insane humidity) or southwest (too hot to be outside).

And I dunno. People are the same everywhere in a way, but the total of those daily habits adds up to the culture of the city and your experience living there. Highway habbits, for example, make LA commuting (80+ wherever you go) much different from Seattle commuting (-60 wherever you go, and oh god, and exit, hit the f'ing brakes!) In the city, where most interactions are totally superficial, I don't actually care how people are innately (or how unique their snowflake is), I only care what they do, so really it's their habbits and courtesies that matter to me more.

cbloom said...

Yeah but the southwest is nice in the spring/fall/winter (though Phoenix and Vegas are both pretty much just balls year round; places like Santa Fe and Flagstaff are quite nice).

You are right that the midwest is just awful almost always.

Nino Mojo said...

Hey there,

Couldn't agree more about Lost. People who still think the writers of that show aren't improvising and have any idea where it is going deserve to be kicked in the mouth.

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