02-03-09 - Views

The view from the new RAD office is absolutely gorgeous on clear days. We tower over the petty bourgeois trivialities of Kirkland, look across the wide lake, and see the city of Seattle - far enough away so that a haze often makes it look like it's part way into a dream. Behind the city the Olympic Mountains tower with their craggy peaks and constant glaciers; they're so often in cloud and only rarely reveal their beauty; they would be imposing up close, but from here they are so far away that they're only wistful. The expanse across the lake and the barren boringness of Kirkland draw your eyes out to the distance which makes the view seem deep and expansive.

It's the sort of view that could get you laid. It's like a big fat cigar-smoking wall street executive kind of view. Girls walk in and immediately take their panties off.

But it doesn't make me feel like that. It makes me feel more like Bartholomew Cubbins :

The Kingdom of Didd was ruled by King Derwin. His palace stood high
on the top of the mountain. From his balcony, he looked down over the
houses of all his subjects--first, over the spires of the noblemen's castles,
across the broad roofs of the rich men's mansions, then over the little houses
of the townsfolk, to the huts of the farmers far off in the fields.

It was a mighty view and it made King Derwin feel mighty important.

Far off in the fields, on the edge of a cranberry bog, stood the hut of the
Cubbins family. From the small door Bartholomew looked across the huts of
the farmers to the houses of the townsfolk, then to the rich men's mansions
and the noblemen's castles, up to the great towering palace of the King. It
was exactly the same view that King Derwin saw from his balcony, but
Bartholomew saw it backward.

It was a mighty view, but it made Bartholomew Cubbins feel mighty small.

(The 500 Hats was a pretty big influence on me; I think I've tried to drunkenly tell people about it several times, to little avail). (and that's not actually how it makes me feel, it's a beautiful view, I just love this passage).


AK said...

Actually, I'm Bartholomew.

And views don't get you laid, especially when only computer geeks come into your building!

Tom Forsyth said...

"they're so often in cloud and only rarely peak out"

That better be a pun, or the homophone police will come knocking. Aide bee owt wen they caul.

cbloom said...

Heh, yeah, I do that a lot and you have a nose for it. I have multiple possible phrasings of a sentence in my head, and I just start writing, and the sentences fight it out as I go, and sometimes they cross streams at some point. Fortunately for me it's usually at least an amusing error.

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