02-02-09 - Secret Football

Every football game is actually two games. One visible game that they talk about openly, and one secret game played against the spread. The coaches, the announcers, the players, generally all know the spread and know the secret game being played.

Yesterday, the Cardinals won the important secret game to beat the 7 point spread.

It was a big day for the average gambler. Apparently around $5 billion was wagered on the Superbowl, and I'm told the majority of the square money was on the Cards. In fact, so much money came in on the Cards that the spread moved off the 7 to 6.5 which is pretty surprising. Because of the huge probability steps in football, it's rare to see lines move off the 7 or the 3. I'm sure Vegas still did just fine, most squares bet lots of teasers and parlays and whatnot so they probably lost money anyway. Plus people bet at -110 which is just ridiculous.

The rumor is that Phil Ivey put $1M on the Steelers. That seems like a lot until you realize the real rich people wager billions every day in the real gambling market.

The durn Firefox SVG UI is bugging me. How to correctly do interaction with vector graphics / maps / charts like that :

Mouse wheel should make you zoom in to the location where the cursor is. This lets you easily move your cursor over some object and then just wheel it and boom you get a zoom right on that object.

Keyboard movement should be much faster, and the speed should be constant in *screen space* so objects always seem to move the same speed no matter what zoom you're at. (in FF objects move faster when you zoom in - at extreme zooms the keys are nigh unusable while at wide zooms its way too slow).

Keyboard zooming should not be on such an annoying key as ctrl-plus/minus, and it should be centered on the center of the current view, not the top left of the page.

Left click and drag should be a "hand" cursor that lets you grab a spot on the page and slide it. The middle-click arrow control thing that they do (which MS was pushing for a while) is horrible.

While I'm on a rant about how everyone is fucking retarded and can't design their own software right ... MY GOD PEOPLE learn how to fucking check out of a grocery store, I mean COME ON!

I foolishly went shopping right before the super bowl and it was mobbed. Okay, sigh, my mistake. I'm standing in line trying to be patient, and the fucking old people walk up to the checker and then they just fucking stand there the whole time while the checker works (old means above 35 or so). Then after the checker's all done and tells them the price, they finally fish out their wallet and start running their credit card in the little machine, which takes them another couple minutes, and then they don't hit the last "okay" button and the checker reaches around and pushes it for them.

Jesus christ people, you've only used these credit card machines like what, maybe a THOUSAND TIMES? Do you not know that you can scan your card at any time while the checker's checking so it's like all ready to go? Hello parallel operations. Are you fucking retarded? or are you just a dick? There are only two choices here. Idiot or asshole. One or the other, or both. Which is it?

(and god forbid they actually help bag their own groceries; oh no, they need to just stand there and stare off into space while everyone waits and the checker does all the work; that would be like a reasonable, nice, human thing to do, which is way beyond expectations).

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