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Google beats Deer

Jen-Hsun Huang has a bad case of the crazies :

Q: Jeffrey Katzenberg is giving effusive testimonials for Intel�s Larrabee graphics chip.

A: You and I don�t know what Larrabee can do. It doesn�t exist. If you pay for Katzenberg�s compute farm, he will tell you your lawnmower is great for making movies. There are no applications that run on Larrabee today. You have to recompile them.

(from Industrial Arithmetic). Am I the only one who thought his name was Jenson Wong? Where did all those H's come from? And, um, yeah, that comment makes a lot of sense, cuz you can totally run your executables on a GPU. WTF?

Oh hi, how's it going? It's me! Every girl ever. at the Phat Phree ; this is ancient but it recently showed up in Best of Craigslist so I thought I should give props to the original.

I Was on the Line ! ; OMG tell it brotha, I got a parking ticket for this once in SLO and it made me so mad. I wasn't even in a handicapped spot, just over the edge of the parking spot lines, all because of some idiot in a Escalade! Sometimes I'll see those douchebags in their new car who intentionally park right in the middle of two spots so their precious piece of shit doesn't get a scratch. It really makes me want to get a crowbar and just smash the fuck out of their car, but I haven't done it yet. And it's always some mediocre car too, like if it was actually something rare and amazing like a Koenigsegg or some shit, I would sort of understand, but now, the fuckers who do this usually drive like a Porshe Boxster or somepin.

Ladybug Letter writes about how to start your Organic farm ; damn I really want to do this. (BTW the related Mariquita Farm has an amazing index of foods; go through the alphabet!)

Lots of people these days are doing silly computational geometry and calling it "architecture". I believe that this stuff is the exact *opposite* of architecture, but it is interesting to look at the pictures .

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John said...

Regarding the silly computational geometry stuff, some people have done plausible architecture generation with that kind of thing.

You've probably seen it already, but if not, look at the stuff by Pascal Mueller
Here's a link:

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