01-30-09 - Firefox 3

I finally installed Firefox 3 at home and I kinda wish I hadn't. The only thing I wanted was the improved SVG viewer.

The biggest annoyance so far is that it does the incremental-render thing, which is sort of good, but then it resets the page when it finishes. This means that pages can be "not done loading" for a long time, like 60 seconds, and you can start jamming on them, editing in edit boxes, and then loading "finishes" and BLAMO all your edits are gone.

Also all the crud in the top of the Bookmarks Menu is really annoying. I have to drag my mouse cursor past like 2 inches of shit before I get to my actual bookmarks.

If I was easy to anger like I used to be I would have screamed at my computer. Now I just sigh.

I really fucking hate computers and software. And yet it's my medium, it's the tool I have to use to accomplish my art. I feel kind of like a guitar player who just really fucking despises guitars and yet gets up on stage every night because it's the only way he can create.


cbloom said...

Urg Firefox fucking incremental load keeps eating my comments. I might have to go back to v2. WTF.

Sly said...

Uh!? I guess your Ffox profile got quite fucked up (which can happen, and which is really one of the most annoying glitch in the Ffox series).
Because otherwise I never had any of the issues you list.

Like your "incremental-render thing... then it resets the page when it finishes" is something unknown in my experience.

cbloom said...

Nah, I tried resetting to the default profile and it still does it.


cbloom said...

Christ this is annoying. This might push me to Chrome. I can sort of "fix" it by pushing initialpaint.delay up to 100000 , but that makes everything super slow.

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