01-28-09 - More Google Magic

The new code snippet search is fucking awesome. You can browse inside tarballs (!) and you can actually follow links to headers, which is of course crucial.

Now if they would only do browse-symbol too it would fucking rock my universe (so you could click a symbol and go "show me the definition" or "go to instantiation" ).

ADDENDUM : I'm finding that if I search for code from the main Google search it's not showing up in my results, but if I go to the manual codesearch direct page, I can find lots of stuff. Plus you can filter by language. For example I just found that Apple's Javascript Implementation is in "namespace WTF" ; awesome. I'm sure that stands for WebToolsFoundation or something but I like it.

In other Google Madness news. I *HATE* the new Maps feature where when you zoom all the way in it switches to street view. Urg. I run my Firefox with Flash disabled cuz Flash is the fucking devil which puts nonsense on top of web pages, so when I zoom in to street view, Maps just eats its ass and doesn't work any more. And I can't like undo it, because if I hit "back" it just takes me out of maps and I lose my location completely. Urg. One of the many things I hate about web software is I can't just save the version of the tool that I like and keep using that version when they add a bunch of junk I don't want.


John Burnett said...

On the off chance you see these comments: if you haven't used it, the Flashblock Firefox add-on is worth trying. It lets you whitelist specific (sub)domains to allow Flash, otherwise it prevents flash shit from showing at all. That, and Adblock, have made browsing much, much nicer for me lately.

cbloom said...

Yeah, that's what I use, but I didn't know about the whitelist so cheers.

I guess I'll have to whitelist Google but I'm not delighted about that.

I used to try to run without Javascript but that's just not even possible any more.

cbloom said...

And anyway, a lot of the rant is just because it's a really god-awful thing to do in terms of UI.

I want to be in *map* view, I didn't ask for street view. Never ever muck with my UI mode unless I tell you to.

Yes, of course when I'm at map view and touch my mouse wheel I really wanted you to stall me out for ten seconds while the street view loads and now I have to click around to get back out to the dang map view where I wanted to be.

Autodidactic Asphyxiation said...

Mousewheel zoom bothers the hell out of me. I've mentioned this to some folks who work on this and they looked at me like I'm on crack. Brought to you by the people who think it is a good idea to overload click/drag for both editing routes and repositioning the map.

Brite Lines said...

I completely agree re: map view changing to street view, completely stupid and devoid of all logic!

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