01-25-09 - madness

Am I mad to want to share binary data files between 32 bit and 64 bit runs? Binary data with pointer-sized stuff in it, mind you. It would mean using 64-bit pointers somehow in my 32 bit runs. Or being more careful about not writing pointers to binary data. Currently I use the method of rebasing pointers so that I can write nice big blocks of structs straight to disk.

In other news : my TextBlog poster apparently wigged out, but now it's not repro'ing so I can't fix it. Urg. I kind of hate RSS. I hate that when I fuck something up on my blog it gets broadcast all over the universe. It's like somebody xeroxing your first drafts and handing them out as you're writing. No no! quit it! When I'm done writing, then people can come over and look at what I wrote. Class, hand those back to me, everyone pass your xerox down to the person on the end of the row.

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