01-19-09 - Laptops Part 2

So I was just about to buy a Dell 1330 (you can get LED and SSD for $1200) but I kept seeing reports of problems. Urg. Turns out the stupid NV GPU overheats and fries the board. There have been many recalls and Dell has a hacky attempt to crank up the fans with the BIOS :

many people having problems , notebookreview forum , Dell response , more problems . Yay.

ADDENDUM : there are a lot of funny youtube videos related to his. Start with Dell XPS 1330 Overheat and then look in the Related Videos tab. I like "Dell XPS 1330 Un Fraude Total".

I was kind of thinking of going with the integrated graphics anyway cuz it's cooler and draws less power, so maybe it's not a problem, but URG, seriously !?

Also - why is there not a fucking decent simple mobile graphics option? I would be totally happy (for Alissa's machine) with just a Mobility-9600 level of functionality, and it would presumably be pretty cool and small now with better process. Instead we get the fucking NVidia Heat Generator XL337 or the Intel 1CantDoAnything.

If you want a super-portable, I've found some decent things in the 12" space (you'll recall I think 10" or less is shit, and thin is shit) :

The Vaio G11 has a 1024x768 12" display, but it's a very high quality *matte* LED display (good matte is hard to find these days). Similar is the Zepto Notus 12" which has a 1280x800 display but is worse in most other ways. Both are around 2.5 pounds and have about 9 hours of battery life - and have DVD drives so you can actually watch movies on them.

Also there seem to be a lot of 15.4 " screens at 1280x800 ( !!?? ) WTF. Plus I have to read through pages of reviews to find out that the fucking 15" laptop I'm looking at is worthless and crippled. If I wanted 1280x800 I would be looking at 13.3" lappy you fuck-heads.

Notebookreview.com is generally okay, but this review of the HP dv5t has some real gems.

With the introduction of the HP Pavilion dv5 series notebooks, HP is finally offering high-resolution displays. The dv5t is currently offered with a WXGA or WSXGA+ resolution. The WXGA screen (1280 x 800 resolution) is what most 15.4-inch notebooks in stores have, and the most common resolution on 15.4-inch notebooks. The WSXGA+ display (1680 x 1050 resolution) is what my notebook has. It has 42% more viewable space than the WXGA display, which is the reason I chose it. Higher-resolution screens allow you to see more and scroll less. For example, if I view a large web page, I could see 42% more content on the WSXGA+ display than on the WXGA display. Another example- while viewing a high-resolution picture, I can see 42% more detail on the WSXGA+ display than on the WXGA. WSXGA+ makes it possible to use larger windows side by side; you would be hard-pressed to practically view two spreadsheets side-by-side with a WXGA display, but with the high-resolution WSXGA+, it is more than possible (you could do it without shrinking the windows too much).

Wait, wait, I'm not sure I follow, are you saying that with more resolution I can see better pictures?

HP offers two display finishes in addition to the resolutions - the standard BrightView or the BrightView Infinity. The Brightview display has the standard glossy finish that nearly all new consumer notebooks come with. The Infinity display is a new option introduced on the dv5 series notebooks. The Infinity display is basically a large piece of clear plastic over the entire display. It makes the display look like it has no borders. I have the Infinity finish on my notebook. While it makes the notebook look sleeker and more modern, it does increase the amount of reflections over a standard glossy finish. I personally do not mind the reflections. If you are used to a regular glossy display, the Infinity display is not that different in glossiness. I would choose the Infinity display again, since it makes the notebook look sleeker.

Oh, sweet, it looks more modern. I definitely want that shizzle. Who cares if it's more expensive and retardedly glossy and reflects everything and makes your screen unusable. It looks SLEEK bitches!

Ok, back to le sigh...


castano said...

Charles, I have an M1330 with the NVIDIA chipset and I'm fairly happy with it. I upgraded the BIOS and personally I don't feel the fans running more often than they used to, but YMMV; I don't use it to play games, and don't run my own grphics or CUDA apps for long periods of time. I use it to play videos quite often and it seems fairly quiet.

I mostly use it under ubuntu and vista is known to draw much more power, it might also spin the fans more often. The battery doesn't last too long, it's especially short when suspended to RAM, but that might be an issue with ubuntu alone.

As you pointed out, the screen size is no good for coding, but I don't think it ever gets too hot on my lap.

nothings said...

The repeated harping on '42%' is brilliant.

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